First Birthday Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Impress Any [Little] One

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday July 29, 2019

Look out, fam. We have some first birthday gift ideas that are sure to impress even the pickiest [and dare we say, littlest?] critic. Like, yes, of course you’ll find a chic set of wooden blocks and a few push toys. Certainly, all of those developmentally appropriate toys for a one year old will be here as well – with one teeny exception. These gifts will vibe with your existing home decor. And, they may even add a touch of fun to your already chic space.

We promise to give you the pretty as well as the trendy. But also, the cute and sorta whimsy inspired all-natural toys and gift inspiration ideas here. They not only have the potential to provide moments of fun entertainment for your little one, but they will also grow with them. This is our ultimate list of best first birthday gift ideas that will make your pregnant sister in law look you straight in the eye and say, “This is literally the best present ever.”

Some of us here at the Perfête HQ are moms. Based on our experience, age appropriate gifts for a one year old don’t have to be zen-imploding. I mean, we all start fresh the first year. That’s enough to make every addition – from choosing the perfect nursery theme to curating kids room decor and even, birthday presents – as peaceful energy flowing and money saving as possible, right? The first birthday is a huge celebration for everyone; a year of rapid growth for both the child and their parents. Let’s celebrate how far they’ve all come with these perfête first birthday gift ideas and inspiration that are sure to impress any [little] one.


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Perfête First Birthday Gifts for a 1 Year Old

  1. For starters, gift your little one on the move with a wooden push wagon, vintage inspired ride on car toy, or other pull toy. Sure, they may just sit beside the wagon at first. Or, push it back and forth. Or pull the string on the wooden shape sorter that’s really cute. Some day they’ll actually play with it, right?  Despite all of the angst that learning can cause [we’re only talking about parents here!], they will figure it out. Within a short period of time, it will surprise you how fast they learn to scoot it around or fill it up with items. Yay, right?

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Courtesy of The Grommet

Speedster Ride On Car Toy

Shop Now: Speedster Ride On Car Toy from The Grommet, $150


Perfête First Birthday Gift Ideas for Any One Year Old: wooden push wagon by hape for toddler
Courtesy of buybuy BABY

Wooden Push Wagon Toy

Shop Now: Wooden Push Wagon by Hape from BuyBuy BABY, $80.99


Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

Wooden Shape Sorter Pull Toy

Shop Now: Wooden Shape Sorter Pull Toy from Pottery Barn Kids, $31


  1. Alongside investing in some baby-proofing items, consider sprucing up their space with a chic decor item. Create a cozy reading space in their room or nursery with a designer Monique L’Huillier floral kids canopy or oversized tulle or canvas canopy. Pair it with some twinkly lights for a magical play experience for your little one.
kids room decor: monique l'huillier pink floral canopy
Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

Monique L’Huillier Floral & Tulle Canopy

Shop Now: Monique L’Huillier Floral Canopy from Pottery Barn Kids, $149


ice blue canopy - oversize blue canopy from pottery barn kids
Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

Oversized Ice Blue Kids Canopy

Shop Now: Oversized Ice Blue Canopy from Pottery Barn Kids, $149


  1. Take first birthday gift ideas to the next level, and splurge on a cute kids table and chairs set. Introducing a kid-size dining option into your home layout creates a space for children that is uniquely theirs. They’ll love crafting little masterpieces of art and eating snacks here. Also, think about your spouse or your family member that’s also a parent sitting on one of those toddler size stools looking like a giant beside their one year old. That is to say, a kids size dining set is an adorable photo op just waiting to happen!
Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

Round Table and Stools Set in White & Wood

Shop Now: Kids Table and Stools Set from Pottery Barn Kids, $179.00



kids toddler chairs in white and gray from target
Courtesy of Pinterest

SkipHop Toddler Chairs, Set of 2

Shop Now: SkipHop Toddler Chairs from Target, $39.99


  1. If organization is a need, why not gift a super cute monogrammed tote with pompoms? It looks better and can create better organization for small toys than a cumbersome wooden toy box. Moreover, a cloth or natural fiber woven basket would make chic toy storage that can grow with them as they outgrow all of the baby inspired decor items. Plus, your new one year old will love taking toys out and putting them back in.
Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

White Tote With Pompoms

Shop Now: White Tote With Pompoms from Pottery Barn Kids, $29.00


cloth bag basket storage for kids toddler toy bin
Courtesy of Etsy

Cloth Bag Storage For Kids

Shop Now: Cloth Bag Storage for Kids from Etsy, $18.00


  1. A new stuffed animal toy is always a great gift for children. For starters, they are super cute and come with names like “Fuddlewuddle.” In the beginning, they may just poke at it or put it in their mouth. With time, they’ll carry it around your home with the affection that only a toddler has for their “baby.” And, it will be totally adorable. Whether it turns into a dependable playmate, an eloquent conversationalist, or graduates to lovey status, this is one gift that never fails. Later on, gift your one year old turned two year old with a doll sized stroller or pint sized baby carrier to cart it around. In short, the amount of heart full moments will be so worth it for such a tiny expense.
Perfête First Birthday Gift Ideas for Any One Year Old: Lion Stuffed Animal from Hanna Anderrson
Courtesy of Hanna Anderrson

Lion Stuffed Animal

Shop Now: Fuddlewuddle by Jellycat from Hanna Anderrson, $25


Plush Alpaca Llama Stuffed Toy
Courtesy of Crate&kids

Plush Alpaca

Shop Now: Plush Alpaca Toy from Crate&kids, $29.00  NOW $19.97


fancy swan stuffed toy in light pink with gold crown, tutu, and gold ballet flats
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Fancy Swan Stuffed Toy

Shop Now: Fancy Swan Stuffed Toy from Nordstrom, $35


  1. The first birthday is around the time that the new toddler in your life is regularly eating solids and learning to use eating utensils. A plate, bowl and cup set with matching utensils would be a great gift idea for any 1 year old. And, the kid sized utensils will make holding them easier for your kiddo. Therefore, more food will get their mouth instead of on the floor. At least, that’s the idea. #onecanonlyhope
toddler birthday 1 year old gift inspiration pink ezpz silicone divided plate mat easy toddler feeding
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Pink EzPz Divided Plate

Shop Now: Pink EzPz Divided Plate from Anthropologie, $26


grey gray divided silicone plate for toddler 1 year birthday gift ideas
Courtesy of Pinterest

Bumkins Silicone Plate in Gray

Shop Now: Bumkins Silicone Plate in Gray from Target, $13.99


olababy feeding set - silicone spoon bowl and sippy cup perfect feeding utensils and supplies for one year old toddler 1 year old kid
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Olababy Feeding Set

Shop Now: Olababy Feeding Set from Nordstrom, $49.95


ezpz bowl in green - small green silicone bowl with mat is perfect for toddlers and one year olds to learn to feed themselves
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Small EzPz Bowl With Mat

Shop Now: EzPz Small Bowl in Green from Anthropologie, $20


  1. Likewise, it is also around this time that your little one is learning that the person in the mirror isn’t another child. In fact, it’s them! Yes, of course a mirror is a must for wall decor in any room. If you already have one hanging in the nursery, you are steps ahead of the game. Yet, if you’re anything like me, a chic mirror wasn’t even on my pre- or post-baby to-do list. Kids love looking at themselves. A hanging mirror would make a great addition to any kids room – even for a child as young as one year old. But, it may not be the best first birthday gift idea. Instead of a mirror, spark curiosity and intrigue in any toddler with a framed photo of themselves. Or, gift them a drawing toy. Something with a mess-free option, like this doodle board by Crayola, is an easy activity for any energetic 1 year old looking for something to do. And, it is a perfête birthday gift for any 1 year old.
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Stylish Acrylic Frame

Shop Now: Stylish Acrylic Frame from Crate & Barrel, $24.95


perfête gift guide for one year old - first birthday gift ideas - mess free doodle board by crayola
Courtesy of Amazon

Musical Doodle Board

Shop Now: Musical Doodle Board by Crayola from Amazon, $24.99


  1. Next up on our list of best first birthday gifts for one year olds are a few larger items. So, prepare yourself, parents. Sure, they’ll take up a bit more space than we may like. And, they may require an extra bottle of disinfectant spray. However, these perfête first birthday gift items for your toddler will broaden their tactile experience and learning. A Montessori climbing toy or ball pit can offer endless opportunities for motor skills development, sensory, and pure joy. The price for the climbing toy may seem expensive initially.  But, we are thinking long term here. And the ball pit? Same girl.
montessori climbing ladder toy pikler triangle wooden
Courtesy of Etsy

Climbing Ladder Triangle Toy

Shop Now: Climbing Ladder Triangle Toy from Etsy, $235


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perfête gift guide for one year old - first birthday gift ideas - ball pit
Courtesy of Amazon

Ball Pit by Wonder Space

Shop Now: Ball Pit by Wonder Space from Amazon, $109.99


  1. The activity cube is another first birthday gift idea that we love. And, it is a great enhancement item to a set of stacking blocks… without the mess. Featuring multiple sides and variety of moveable parts, it provides moments of insight and education in areas like: cause and effect and directed movement, among others.
perfête gift guide for one year old - first birthday gift ideas - wooden actvity cube
Courtesy of Amazon

Wooden Activity Cube

Shop Now: Wooden Activity Cube from Amazon, $18.99


  1. Another developmentally appropriate first birthday gift item for any new toddler is a set of stacking toys. Waldorf and Montessori inspired toys like these tend to include organic, all natural materials and are great for helping young children to master motor skills similar to the wooden activity cube and other gift ideas in this list.
Perfête First Birthday Gift Ideas for Any One Year Old: stacking toy
Courtesy of Etsy

Wooden Stacking Toy

Shop Now: Wooden Stacking Toy from Etsy, $34


Rocket - spaceship - stacking toy
Courtesy of Macy’s

Plan Toys Stacking Rocket

Shop Now: Rocket Stacking Toy from Macy’s, $27.99


Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

ABC Wooden Blocks Stacking Toy

Shop Now: ABC Wooden Blocks from Pottery Barn Kids, $54


  1. Of course, we have all seen this next one: the infamous upholstered kids chair. Although, to clarify, we mean chic upholstered armchairs that are small enough for a toddler to sit in. Yet, they are also roomy enough to fit the later years. Certainly, your 1 year old will love it for a first birthday gift idea. And surely, they will climb it. However hard they try to transform it into a trampoline, it will forever remain as a cozy spot to read. Any young child will love looking through crinkle books and holding their lovey while mastering the skill of sitting in this cute chair that is also their size.
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Kids Armchair Cover With Bird Pattern

Shop Now:Kids Armchair Cover With Bird Pattern from Crate & Barrel, $54


pink tufted chair for toddler kids one year old from target. hadley.
Courtesy of Pinterest

Hadley Tufted Kids Chair in Pink

Shop Now: Hadley Tufted Kids Chair in Pink from Target, $247.19


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airplane club chair for toddler kids one year old from target. pillowfort.
Courtesy of Pinterest

Airplane Print Kids Club Chair

Shop Now: Airplane Print Kids Club Chair by Pillowfort from Target, $167.99


  1. On the same vein as upholstered kids armchairs, other forms of toddler size furniture can be a good idea. Like bookshelves! Having an item such as a bookcase that is their size (while also functional) can be a natural way to introduce responsibility and organization. Yet, if organization seems like too lofty an idea right now for a 1 year old, look at it this way: teeny furniture is still incredibly cute. Here are some chic bookcases that would make a perfête addition to your child’s play area or bedroom. Or really, any space in your home.
Perfête First Birthday Gift Ideas for Any One Year Old: cute bookcase or bookshelf for kids - giraffe bookcase in yellow from crate & barrel - chic kids room decor that's also really fun
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Giraffe Shaped Bookcase in Yellow

Shop Now: Giraffe Shaped Bookcases in Yellow from Crate & Barrel, $499


Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Acrylic Bookshelf On Wheels

Shop Now: Acrylic Bookshelf On Wheels from Crate & Barrel, $299


Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Black & Woodgrain Shelf For Kids

Shop Now: Black & Woodgrain Shelf For Kids from Crate & Barrel, $249


  1. Your new toddler loves to read and explore through a variety of mediums. For example, various topics, content styles, and even, images can peak their interest and stimulate new room for exploration and learning. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a board book with colorful graphics and musical-like rhyming scheme that we fell in love with at a library story time and had to include it in our at home library. Likewise, open-the-flap style books are a great idea. And even, personalized books, like this one from Wonderbly. Even though your 1 year old may only want to tear paper pages (yikes, right?), they will love reading about themselves and hearing their story. Inspire your budding bookworm with this perfête first birthday gift for one year olds.
perfête gift guide for one year old - first birthday gift ideas - chicka chicka boom boom board book with colorful pages and rhyming scheme and repetition to promote early literacy skills
Courtesy of Bealls

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Board Book

Shop Now: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Board Book from Bealls, $11.97


perfête gift guide for one year old - first birthday gift ideas - personalized and customized story book with child's name and rhyming scheme and repetition to promote early literacy skills
Courtesy of Wonderbly

Personalized Story Book

Shop Now: Personalized Story Book from Wonderbly, $29.99


Courtesy of Hanna Anderrson

Vehicles Board Book

Shop Now: Touch Think Learn Board Book from Hanna Anderrson, $14.99


  1. Lastly, this one isn’t super chic or trendy. But y’all, it is a lifesaver. So, of course we had to include it #sorrynotsorry. The Cozy Coupe is plastic, and yes, you may have a hate-love relationship with it. As in, the size of it can seem overbearing at times. But, all one year olds LOVE it. Whether you decide to keep it indoors in a play room or outdoors in your backyard or screened in porch area, this is one first birthday gift that your little one will want to use until they outgrow it or it breaks.
perfête gift guide for one year old - first birthday gift ideas - cozy coupe
Courtesy of Amazon

Cozy Coupe

Shop Now: Cozy Coupe from Amazon, $59.99


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