Minnesota Dreamy Pink Surprise Baby Shower

Feyi Bello / Tuesday January 18, 2022

There are co-workers and then there are Christine’s co-workers who are just next level! They threw her the sweetest surprise shower ever and we had a chat with Sese Cadmus of Elevated Style Events who gave us all the tea!

This party was a surprise baby shower thrown for Christine, a Jamaican American physician, and her husband, an emergency room physician, who both recently moved to Minnesota from Indiana for their careers.

Since she had recently moved away from friends and family, her partner physicians decided to throw her a surprise baby shower. Her partner physicians wanted the couple to feel loved and celebrated in their new hometown.

One of her partners is married to a baker, who knew just what to do to arrange this surprise party. The baker then contacted me, and we set to work creating a fun-filled shower for this mom-to-be.