Otterly in Love: A Whimsical Baby Shower Under the Sea

Feyi Bello / Wednesday January 31, 2024

We just want to be part of Merisa and Eric’s world with this adorable under-the-sea-themed baby shower. These two love birds from Newport Beach, CA celebrated their bundle of love with “otter” joy and we just love to see it! Planned beautifully by Intertwined Events, who also planned their wedding, the couple left it all in their hands and the result of that speaks for itself. 

Merisa the adorable mom-to-be had this to say:

How did you meet your spouse?

We met at work. I put my notice in because I had another job offer, and when Eric found out he wasn’t going to see me in the office anymore, he realized he liked me. We hung out a few times after I left. I wasn’t ready for a relationship, but somewhere along the way I realized how dumb I was to not have Eric in my life every day. Thank goodness I realized before it was too late!

What inspired your color palette/decor choices?

I have always loved otters, mermaids, the ocean and other animals. Otters are one of my favorite animals. I absolutely love them! I told Katie that was the theme I was considering and she did the rest. I told her to work her magic like she did with our wedding, and I never questioned her vision. Katie is truly incredible and has made our dream wedding and baby shower come to life. 

How was the planning process?

I addressed this a bit in my previous answer. It was such a seamless planning process. I basically told Katie what I was thinking and what my wants were, and she ran with it. She thought of every detail to make it a special day. The way she considers all the little details to ensure they make the overall shower and/or wedding exactly what you dream of. She truly does care about her clients and bringing their vision to life without the stress of planning. Katie even remembered the little details of what I like from my wedding. For example, she remembered I love glitter, so she helped create the signature cocktail and mocktail with edible glitter. When she remembered that, it reminded me that she does care about the person more than anything. I will always have Katie plan any major event for us! I cannot say it enough how incredible she is! I also wanted to incorporate a piece from our wedding to the baby shower to celebrate our next big adventure. We decided to have Ice Bulb create a piece for us. It was a special moment to think back to the ice bar we had at our wedding and then to the ice sculpture at the baby shower. Lastly, shout out to Larrissa and Deema at Leproux for being part of the dream team again! 

What is your fondest memory of the day!

Walking into the venue and seeing the “epic” set-up was a moment I will cherish forever. Katie outdid herself which I didn’t think was possible after our wedding. Every detail that I asked for was executed perfectly. Being able to celebrate the day with my family and friends is a memory I will enjoy sharing with Paige (our daughter) one day. I cannot wait to show her how loved she was before she was even born.