How to Engage after you Attend Engage Summits

Kunbi O / Monday June 13, 2022

Happy Monday! We just returned from yet another epic Engage! Summit and we’re buzzing with fresh inspiration and new connections. With this in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to share a couple of tips to help newcomers and veterans alike, get the most from their Engage! experience, even after the summit is done. For those who don’t know, Engage! is a luxury wedding summit that gathers hundreds of the world’s best event professionals around the world for 3 days of “impactful networking and creative event immersion.” Perfete is honored to be a longtime media partner for the summits and we want to make sure you get the best out of your experience.

SO you just got back from Engage! Now what? Well, quite simply, it’s time to ENGAGE! So, here are 5 ways you can engage even after Engage!

1. Take a breath

You just experienced 4 days of intense socializing and information so it is completely okay for you to take some time to breathe and reset. I know after my first Engage! I spent the entire weekend recuperating. Once you’ve done that, I think it’s really important to go back to your “Why”: You know, the reason you signed up for Engage! In the first place. Take a minute to remember what your objective was when you signed up for the summit. Did you want to get new leads? Meet major players in the industry? What was it? Once you’re able to reflect on your reasons, you’ll be able to align them with your next moves and ensure you’re getting your return on investment.

2.  Share your experience

I know it sounds random but it will help you to pause and think through your experience. Look through your pics, notes, etc. See who you vibed with and what parts stood out to you then share, share, share! The easiest first stop is Instagram. Engage! does a great job of sharing recap videos, if you are like me and can’t take a decent video to save your life, use the Engage! recaps (tag accordingly) and also the pixieset site. Also use the official #becauseofEngage and the relevant hashtag for the conference you attended, it gets great visibility.

3. Look through the Attendee Guide.

Go back and make notes of the people you connected with. Take note of their names, circle their faces, etc and follow them on social while they are fresh on your mind. Engage! is a pretty large summit so it’s easy to forget people as the time goes on, so make the social connection sooner rather than later. Next, go the extra step to shoot them a note whether it’s via email, physical mail or even casually through instagram. Don’t be shy, after all the whole point of Engage! is to engage.
This is also a great time to connect with the speakers. If you captured any footage of the speakers in action, get their contact deets and send it over with a little note about your takeaways from their presentations. Who wouldn’t love that?