Celestial Theme Baby Shower: Stay Wild, Moon Child

Brianna Kozlarek / Friday August 9, 2019
Photos courtesy of Angelica Marie Photography and Juicebox Media

Stay Wild, Moon Child: Celestial Theme Baby Shower from Be Inspired PR

We know of no better way to celebrate the magnificence of bringing a new life into the universe than with a celestial theme baby shower. Take, for example, all of the chic metallic gold moon accents + blue grey galaxy inspired watercolor backdrop. Not to mention, all of the little stars and astrology notes throughout which point the way to perfête baby celebration. When it came time to celebrate her little one’s arrival, cosmic energy expert, Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter, turned to LA event production stylist, Be Inspired PR. And as a result, complete party magic happened. So now, we are here to share all of the glorious details with you. Scroll down and prepare to swoon.