Under The Sea! A Magical Minimal Mermaid Party

Feyi Bello / Friday December 10, 2021

What is it about kids’ parties, maybe it’s the cute little furniture or the looks on their adorable faces, but we just love them to BITS! Our friends at One Social Design held a gorgeous mermaid-themed celebration and it’s one for the books!



We had a chat with Erika De La Teja of One Social Design for all the tea!

This was our own little ones, minimal mermaid birthday party at the brand new beautiful space at Mesh Space in Redondo Beach. Mesh space is a brand new coffee shop, co-working space, child play area by the creative minds of Mesh Kids Co, the originators of the luxe custom ball pits. We loved the calm and modern aesthetic of the space that we were inspired to go off of the space’s feel and vibes for this party. Our little one wanted a mermaid party, and as I am sure you have seen that theme is oh so popular. So going with a minimal mermaid was just the perfect twist. Her last name is ” Concha” which in Spanish means seashell, so needless to say this was the perfect pair. We tried focusing more on seashells than mermaid tails except for the minimal line drawing we incorporated. From the florals to the balloons, we went for minimal under the sea vibes. The balloons are all clear with a few having a hint of color to resemble bubbles. All the littles got to have their mermaid hair done to their liking, and glitter galore. The food was oysters and ceviche for the adults and seashell chicken nuggets for the kids, paired with glitter French fries..yes edible glitter lol. The crafts were pop open your own oyster to find your pearl, and make a necklace along with make your own slime. Then it was finished off outdoors with a seashell/concha shaped pinata full of goodies for all!