Morgan’s Secret Garden for her Baby in Bloom

Feyi Bello / Tuesday February 13, 2024

A baby shower that starts with a beautiful prelude by the grandmother-to-be is already as special as special can be.

“As we gather everyone together to celebrate it reminds us of a garden — a place where we can escape from the busyness of everyday life and find peace and tranquility.  And much like a garden, a baby is a symbol of new life, wonder and hope. Thank you for being here today to celebrate Morgan and precious Baby Carter on the way.”

Every detail of Morgan’s breathtaking Irvine, CA baby shower was so thoughtful and precious that it just takes our breath away. Impeccably planned by the wonderful Jeanie of the Details Details team alongside the Grandmother to be, Pam of Milestone Events planning, you can feel the love that was poured into this shower.

Jeannie of Details Details shared with us:

Our concept was Baby in Bloom. Morgan loved books growing up and adored the novel The Secret Garden.  We attached baby keys to each invite, highlighting what was about to come.

 We created a gated entrance with lacey greenery, brimming with peach garden roses, blush tea roses and pink lilacs. We also added tulips, nerines, dogwood, peonies and smilax. We constructed overnight a picket fence to create more intimacy as the lawn was quite large.  We added thousands of stems of flowers, plants, shrubs and growing vines all around trellis and fence. We wanted the space to feel like a real garden, and that plants have been thriving there for years. The cake was framed with a matching trellis backdrop with a mini version of the vintage baby stroller, while the hand painted green vines on the two tiers matched the china pattern for lunch.

 As a token of appreciation, each guest received delicate gold bracelet inscribed with one of these words “love, grace, hope, believe or strength” on the small key medallion.  Each one is part of a movement called the “The Giving Keys,” which encourages people to pass on their keys as a way to pay forward love and kindness. Whether they wear the bracelet with the word for themselves as a reminder of the day or choose to pass it along to someone in need.



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