Introducing The Perfête Hour: Coming to your City soon!

Kunbi O / Friday January 3, 2020

Happy New Year everyone! We are so excited to welcome YOU to YOUR #PerfeteYear. It’s been almost a year since Aisle Perfect became Perfete and I can honestly say this year was one of growth. From learning what content works and what doesn’t, to rediscovering our tribe and the new essence of our brand. Thank you so much for sticking with us through this wonderful process. We have so many exciting online and off-line inspiration experiences to share with you this year, and we hope you are able to resonate with them. To kick things off, we are jazzed to introduce you to The Perfête Hour– a happy hour styled pop-up event for our audience to meet, mingle and re-up on the inspiration they need for their #perfete life. These events will be specially themed for the various seasons in a person’s life. We are so excited to bring our inspiration to your city.

Partner with Us:

We are always looking for vendors to partner on our events. If you have a product you think would resonate with our audience, ask us about our partnership options, email-

As a soft launch of The Perfete Hour, we threw a small event last November in Lagos, Nigeria. Themed the “Perfete Woman“, this super intimate event featured 30 inspiring female creatives and entrepreneurs taking a candid look at their 2019. It was such a refreshing experience filled with truth, hope and insight into what it means to live a #perfete life. I am so grateful to all the sweet women who honored my super last-minute request. It took a village to bring this to life but most importantly, I have to thank my friend Maureen of Nazadi Kids for #perfetely putting this event together in 3 days. Yup! THREE DAYS! I am so pleased with how it came out. Check out her page here.

We can’t wait to keep bring you inspiration in 2020, however you can expect even more this year. We’ll be providing even more tangible tools for your to plan your #perfete party, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, housewarming or promotion party. The very essence of Perfete (as it was for Aisle Perfect) is to help the overwhelmed celebrant with discerning taste. You can count on that from us moving forward. Here’s to living our #perfetelife this decade! Enjoy pictures from the first #PerfeteHour in Lagos below!

Event Vendors: Planning & Design: Nazadi Kids | Guest Management: TSC Agency | Balloons: Nazadi Kids | Balloon Printing: Part & Parcel Events | Paper Cranes: Creations by Nelly Mesrob| Photographer: