Should I Have a Separate Bridal Shower Registry?

Feyi Bello / Saturday October 16, 2021


  • There’s a good chance that guests are going to want to gift you something for your shower and your wedding: “The whole idea of creating a registry is to take the guesswork out of gift-giving and creating a separate bridal shower registry will make it easier for guests on what to gift.  A separate bridal registry doesn’t mean that it has to be very different from your wedding registry especially if you are not too keen on traditional bridal shower gifts such as champagne flutes, dessert stands, bathrobes or linen napkins. An extended version of your wedding registry will ensure that guests will gift everything you love.” – Silpa Yadla, Founder, Nook+Cove

  • Consider furniture and décor pieces for your home vs. traditional gifts. “Since furniture can be more expensive than traditional gifts, Nook+Cove lets you convert any gift into a group gift allowing your guests to contribute at their comfort level. And when guests see these gifts on both of your registries it will give them more opportunity to contribute towards these gifts.” – Silpa Yadla, Founder, Nook+Cove



  • Create cash funds or room funds. “Having the funds as gift options on both, your bridal shower and wedding registries, will once again allow guests to contribute towards these funds on multiple occasions. Based on how quickly your funds are fulfilled you can always add more funds or gifts to your registry.” – Silpa Yadla, Founder, Nook+Cove



  • Consider opting for a specific bridal shower registry for specific gifts! “Many couples opt for a wedding registry that includes a broad range of items, like gifts for the home while having a bridal shower registry for something specific. Consider having a “stock the bar” registry for your bridal shower, or something that fits your personalities as a couple – perhaps everyone provides a movie at your bridal shower to grow your collection for Friday night date nights at home with popcorn and a movie, or board games for hosting friends and family! You can take advantage of the opportunity to have a gift-specific registry for your shower, and keep things broader for your wedding registry itself.” – AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director, AJ Events