Dear Black Child…. A Love Letter from your Parents

Kunbi O / Friday June 12, 2020

Dear Black Child love letter

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks processing a lot of what’s happening in our country right now. As a black woman and mother of a black son, one of my greatest fears has unfolded in front of my eyes and I have battled anxieties that I can’t put into words. So in true #perfete spirit, I have gathered a few friends to pour light, love and wisdom to their beautiful black babies. This love letter is not just for our children but for all of us black children, who are feeling the weight and heaviness right now. Putting this together was heartbreaking yet beautiful and honestly quite therapeutic. Thank you to each parent that participated in this. Here’s to a world where our children can LIVE free and safe.

Dear Black Child…

1.  ” You are strong.You are more than enough. Your colour is so beautiful, it reflects the glory of the sun. You have blessed and beautiful hands. You refresh the world, and provide so much soul, essence and culture because you have a royal call on your life. You have The Spirit of Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, Knowledge and the Fear of God only. Keep your head up always my dear child. For, You wear a crown always. You. Matter.” – Irede Ajala

2.”I’m so blessed that God entrusted me to bring you into the world, to guide and nurture you and most of all protect you. Protect is what I will do. In a world that says that you are inferior, I will tell you that God made you spectacular and superior. In a world that fears your skin, I will make sure you know this skin of yours was chosen by God almighty, special for you. In a world that glorifies Eurocentric features, I will make sure you love your color, nose, hair and everything that makes you black and beautiful. When they say you can’t, I will remind you that you can and then some. Most importantly, I will fight with everything in me right now, in this moment, to make sure you inherit a world where you won’t encounter people who use your race as a way to deny you basic human and civil rights. To deny you, your full humanity. Not on my watch, this is my promise to you, my angels.” – Dionne Ibekie

 3. “May you find pride in knowing that you bear the image of your Creator. May you stand tall and strong against the winds of injustice when they blow with threats of inferiority. May the prophetic words “fearfully and wonderfully made”  ring loud in your heart every time the  oppressor tries to rob you of your truth. May you be part of the generation who will live in a nation not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Charlotte Betts

4.”You are not an accident nor a coincidence. Your appearance — in His image — is magnificent. You were created by Him and for Him. So revel in the wonder of knowing that you were handpicked by God for a destiny greater than you can ever imagine. Walk in your purpose and wear your crown proudly.” – Kawania Howerton.

5. “Our Little Man we hope you continue enjoying life every day with your smile that lights up any room you’re in. You have the biggest heart filled with joy and a bright light shining within your soul since the moment you were born. Your Dads promise to fight for you forever and will make sure no one ever steals your joy in this lifetime. Lead this world with your incredible charm and the love you give freely to anyone you encounter. Be brilliant in all of your actions. Be bold in your thoughts. Be kind in every second of every moment of your time on this earth. Be a loving human being always. Be you. Simply love you beyond words, Daddy + Daddy Too” – Troy + Craig Williams

6.”Please be kind to yourselves. Do not judge your beauty, intelligence, success and wit on others’ definitions. For your own definitions are just as important to unlock all the gifts you have brewing inside of you. Run with your gifts unlocked, fall and get back up. I will always be here cheering you on- I promise.” – Tope Lawrence

7. “To my black child, always be true to yourself and never forget where you came from. And never ever be ashamed of who you are. Love your family and treat everyone with respect. And lastly be passionate, driven and always remember that what you put into this world is what you get back. And my dear black child never forget that your future is always what you make it!” – Jimmy Myers Jr

Jimmy Myers Jr Dear Black Child

8. “Do you know that you are LOVE? No Seriously, the literal meaning of Nife and Feran is “To Love.” We were intentional about your name because when spoken, it becomes life. We believe the meaning will take root, manifest and become. Nife and Feran, you are what the world so desperately needs. Your beautiful mahogany skin, your intelligence, your wit, your curiosity, your stubbornness, your boldness, your bluntness, your power, your fearlessness, your compassion, your fairness, your humor, your talent, your wit, your resilence, but most importantly, your LOVE.

You are LOVE. The kind of love that is patient, kind, giving, empathetic, hopeful and alive. You are LOVE that endures, rejoices in truth, equality, and justice. You are LOVE that believes, hopes and fights. But most importantly, You are LOVE that never fails. It is a huge and daunting task, but you are equipped. You were made for this. Because, you, my beautiful brown-skinned gifts, are LOVE” – Dami Okuboyejo

9.”For God spoke; “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5. The innocence of your disposition proclaims the truthful characteristics of the world. Your curiosity breeds knowledge for you are young but not naive. You WILL TAKE A STAND. You will forever be woke. You will forever be protected. The tones of your mahogany skin and the texture of your curly crown are the essence of nobility, strength, love, fearlessness and POWER. ”  – Teyana Taylor

Image by @danielsannwald

10.  “As I watch you grow up and move into your teenage years I want to tell you that you can do whatever you want to do in life. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do, what you can’t be or box you in.

2020 has been a year like none other and you are a child like none other. Walk in your purpose, your greatness, I’m here for you and to support you through your tough times.  Love you, Dad.” – Chip Dizard.
Chip Dizard Dear Black Child
Photo Credit James McCrae
  1. “Dear Ayo,  You are always free. As free as GOD created you. As free to dream. As free to desire. As free to grow beyond the borders of your heart and mind. As free as the curls on your head. As free as the color of your beautiful heart. Know that you are free. Free of hatred and bigotry. Free of anything that doesn’t edify. Your freedom may be limited in the future by nature of the world we live in. But you hold onto that freedom. For it is your light. You are loved. Freely. Sincerely. Freely. Love you babe.” – Amin Ameen.

12.  “You have a gift within you that the world needs. You’ve come to this earth with a special talent that only you can share. Never underestimate how powerful that gift is. It takes bravery to be yourself and there may come times when it feels easier to just follow the status quo, resist those feelings. It’s ok to be different. You offer a unique insight and perspective so never dim your light for anyone.”- Nikki Miller

13. “You are made of the most beautiful elements known to man. You are joy, you are success, you are peace, you are strength, you are resilience and you are Black Excellence! Your heritage and your culture are a part of you, wear them with pride!” – Kike Ojewale

Image by TY Bello

14. “You are the testimony I didn’t know I needed. When the God said, “I knew you before I formed you,” He was definitely talking about you. You were created with intention, with purpose. You were crafted to be a masterpiece  and that is exactly what you are. Every bit of you, inside and out, is beautiful. Your caramel skin glistens like crystals of brown sugar. Your personality is vibrant, bold, vivacious. You are worth more than the entire universe and I hope that you grow up knowing it. You, my daughter, are a princess, a queen and beloved by the Most High God. I love you more than you will ever know.”-Berry Dakara

15.”We’ve raised you to be wholesome well rounded people. Never let society dim your light but instead be a luminary and let your light shine bright to the world. Embrace your beautiful brown skin, your curly afro hair, and all your features that make you unique. Stand tall always, for you are made in God’s own image. ” – Omonye& Seun Phillips.
16. “I am joyous as I look at you wide eyed, beautifully brown, filled with hope and wonder at the world. I am terrified because I know the world you’re so excited to see is going to one day tell you and make you feel like you’re not enough! I want you to know and never forget that you are my miracles, you are special and more than enough! When the world gets loud, listen for my voice, and the voice inside. Be reminded that you are perfectly, fearfully and wonderfully made! You are so loved and cherished; I can’t wait to see you take on the world and flourish!” – Nosa Adetiba
17.” Jamison, I moved into Papa’s house when I was five years old. My classes were full of different types of kids but not in the area of the city that I lived in. I want to tell you the story baby. Your uncles and I would ride our bikes all around the neighborhood until the street lights came on. (something you will never do lol) We were stopped by the police a few times and asked where we lived and why we were over “here”.  Being a child I didn’t think anything of it. We have block parties on Papa’s street growing up and one of my neighbors came outside one of our times being stopped by the police and demanded to know why they were talking to us. My neighbor seemed so angry and I didn’t understand why at the time. The police told him that we needed a bike license. My neighbor walked us home and told Papas what happened… The next day he went to the city and registered our bicycles. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, it was just a police officer doing their job until I met with my friends and realized none of them had a bike license or were ever stopped by the police. My friends seem confused and not understanding why we need a license for a bicycle. I am often reminded of the story when we ride our bikes together wondering what your first encounter with the police will be like. I find myself praying that it allows you to come back home to me. Son, I have to be honest this world will try to break you, try to tell you don’t belong in the most subtle ways, and that something is wrong with you just the way God made you. Know that this is a lie. YOU ARE A KING and your father and I will be there to help you to guide you. I promise to do everything in my power to try to make this world a safer place for you. I love you so much son.” – Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Austin Photography

18.” To my children,

They will tell you that black is the color of death.
That it is the symbol of menace and evil.
That it is the color of unhappiness and it is associated with bad characters.

That is what they will try to tell you.

But know this –
Black is the color of power.
It absorbs all light in the color spectrum.
It is the color of professionalism and formality.
It is always in fashion.
It is the favorite color of both men and women and in many cultures, it represents life and rebirth.
It is a symbol of sophistication and a grounding element.
Black is beautiful and so are you..” – Folasayo Ayoola

19. “Your warmth, kindness, curiosity, humor and love inspires me each day. You are beauty personified. Your light shines so bright and so my wish for you is that it never dims. Shine bright, my darling! Always stand up to fear because you have what it takes to conquer it. May the world bend in your favor and may you always accept and accommodate others. Love, give, love some more, give some more. Never settle for less than you deserve because you deserve the very best. I will always be here for you, behind you to protect you, beside you to befriend you, in front of you to be an example, teaching you to rely on you.” – JoJo Silla

20. “Greatness is woven into every inch of your being. Didn’t you know, you were made with the fiber of royalty? You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. Never, ever believe otherwise. My dear black child, bless the world with your greatness but don’t give it away. Don’t exchange you for anything, nothing can match your worth.” – Remi Makanjuola

21. ” I love you. Just you. Simply you. Your curly hair, your infectious laughter, your bright smile, your cheeky cheeks, the pitter patter of your feet around the house, the never-ending questions, the expressive shouting, your dancing, your games, your intelligence, your beauty, your brown skin, your mocha eyes, your strength, your vulnerability, your defiance, your compliance, every part of every cell that makes up you. I love you. I love you with a passion that could cause me to burn down the entire world to give you the light that you deserve. There is a special kind of pain in this world that you will come to know, by virtue of your beautiful brown skin, but every time it bites, remember – I love you. As you navigate through school, relationships, work, when you feel like the fly in the milk and that unsure feeling comes again, remember – I love you. When people pass comments that make you think twice, make you re-consider your value, remember – I love you. Stand tall, walk with pride, shake out your fro, dance your dance, talk your talk, know your worth, speak your truth, be humble, do not debate your worth with others as though you need to prove your worthiness. If you ever feel unsure, know that I am here. The world will try you baby, but know this, the way I love you, quite frankly, they don’t want this smoke.” – Zaneta Forson-Dare

22. “You are so unbelievably beautiful and magical. You are worthy, and you are more than able. We will continue to shout, cry, and fight – so you can be free to soar in a way we before you still haven’t been able to. Most of all, I pray you grow to love yourself wholeheartedly, shine unapologetically, and own your power.” – Nicole Chikwe

23.“When you learn about this time in history, I hope it is a lesson of victory and hope. I hope you are able to grow up in a much better time, where the color of your skin is not the measure for the good and bad of the things in your life. I hope you are proud of who you are, where you come from, and your rich history. I hope you lift black women up, as they have lifted you up all your life, and fought through the disrespect, lack of appreciation and outright erasure of their contributions to history. If the current climate is anything to go by, I hope you grow up in a world so different from the one I grew up in, shrouded by fear of the different, dictated by ideals that often meant those who are browner, poorer, marginalized, queer, gender non-conforming are often disadvantaged in every way. I want you to know that love is your birthright, and that you have a right to be here, to be free, and as I do my best to raise you into a kind, loving man, I hope you come to realize that love is also your purpose.” – Ozzy Etomi

Ozzy Etomi dear black child

24. “Everything you will ever be in life starts with your mindset. Successful people have a mindset and failures have a mindset also. I can’t ask you not to fail because that would be an impossible ask, so let me be clear “you will fail sometimes”! What I am asking is for you not cultivate the mind set of a failure. Because success is a journey and not a destination, and failing is a path on the road to success.”- Abi Matesun

25. “Dear Kasope, I just want you to know you are Loved beyond words! Remember that you have everything within you to achieve any dreams. Whatever they might be, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader“ – Temi Randle

Temi Randle Dear Black Child

26. “In Nov 2018 I brought a sweatshirt with the Michelle Obama quote, “Work to Create The World As It Should Be” because I loved the message. A year later you came into my world and that single quote has constantly repeated in my head and guided my steps. Well son, I have good news for you because I’m not the only one working, the time has finally come that the world has joined the effort to “Create The World As It Should Be”. So my dear son as I tell you daily you are loved, you matter, and you are blessed… and the good thing to note is the rest of the world may finally realize it and lift you up as it should.” – Andretta + Derrick Williams

Amy Anaiz Photography

27. “I hope that by the time you are the same age as me, the world will be different. Different how? You may ask. I hope you never hear the phrase angry black woman because in the world that you are now in, everything and everyone is equal. Your gender, the color of your skin and your very Nigerian name will never stop the doors opening for you. You are worthy, you are fearless, you are living all your wildest dreams.”  – Funmi Ibiyode

28.” I want to tell you who you are. You are made in the image of God. You are wonderfully and fearfully made. A reflection of God’s BEAUTY and LOVE.You were made to rule and have dominion over the earth. You are royalty, you are perfection. You are victorious and you are LOVED. God sees all your fears, all your desires, all your hurt and pain, all your anger, all your tears, all your kindness, all your LOVE…He says to you, ARISE, SHINE for your LIGHT has come and the GLORY of the Lord has risen upon you. FEAR NOT, BE BOLD, BE COURAGEOUS and go into the world knowing that THE ONE who has your back, and lives inside of you is greater than he that is in the world. You ARE LIGHT, You can no longer be hidden, so STAND UP and SHINE! Yes my child, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE for all to see. Yes, KEEP SHINING, so the WORLD CAN SEE YOUR LIGHT! O child of mine, always remember there is GREATNESS inside of YOU! You have the spirit of excellence in you. You are brave, you are strong, you are powerful, you are amazing and you are blessed. This is who you are, so NEVER let anyone tell you anything different. It’s time for YOUR LIGHT to SHINE even brighter!” – Jibola Ajayi

29. “I want you to know that you are deserving. You are deserving of everything that you work hard for. You are deserving of equal opportunities and attention. You are deserving of civility and respect. You are deserving of being heard and healed. You are deserving of love and compassion. You are deserving. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently!” – Geomyra Lewis

30. ” You are the love of my life and everyday, since you were in my womb, I’ve prayed over you and asked our ancestors to protect and guide you.

One day, when you are older, you’ll  understand why your dad and I took such extreme measures to protect you from the harsh realities of this world. You’ll grow to learn why everything we taught you was centered around our history and your Blackness. Your Trinidadian roots, your Gullah Geechee roots and most of all, your African roots.

The world will try to lead you to believe that you are not enough. That you are inferior, that your life is invaluable and that your beautiful, Black skin is a threat. Those are all untrue. The truth is that you are a descendant of a strong, loving, courageous, resilient, brilliant and powerful people.

Always hold your head high and revel in all that you are. You are a wildflower; brave, beautiful and free. Above all, you are Black. Unapologetically Black. Never forget that.With love, Your Mum.” – Makini Regal

Bu! Photography

31. “My Dream Girl, Girl, what a time you’ve been born into. Everywhere we turn, ideologies, systems and processes that have held us back for years are being broken down. Our people are unrelenting! They are shouting enough is enough. It had always been my prayer that you, my beautiful brown skin girl, would live in a world where you wouldn’t need convincing about the validity of voice, or your beauty, or your dreams. Like blue ivy said, you will never ever see a ceiling in your whole life!

So when the time comes please remember to take the world by the balls sis! I said what I said. Do not be complacent. The world belongs to you! Dance freely! Dream big! Full hair-raising, mind boggling dreams! Or small dreams, small dreams are valid too! But never forget that everything is possible! Own every space you find yourself in. Speak up! Hold your head up! You matter!

People have marched, protested, burnt down cities, destroyed monuments and passed laws for you to walk freely! You are loved! You are protected! You are valued! You are enough!  Love, Mama” – Feyi Adesanya

32.”My prayer for you is that the world will judge you by the content of your character rather than the colour of your beautiful brown skin. May you bring light to your generation just as you have brought light into our lives. You are (and will always be) the foundation of our joy. Mummy and Daddy love you” – Gozie Mosuro

33. “My forever babies,I wish love was enough to shield you from all the world’s evil. So instead, I ask that you use it as a cloak of understanding. That you are more than enough. That you are equal. That you matter. Let this cloak cover you completely, making you invincible; a force to reckon with. Let anyone that crosses your path be aware of your awesomeness, respect it, regard it, want to be a part of your journey.With it, also remember to have fun, enjoy what life has to offer. There is a lot of darkness, but there is also an abundance of light. Look for it in earnest and I promise you will find it and you will be just fine. Always here, always ready.” – Ndali

beautiful black children

34. “My sweet child you are worth it- worth the wait, worth the love, worth the fight. My prayer for you is that this world loves you back and even if it doesn’t that you feel empowered and loved by those you care about. I pray that you love yourself, trust your strengths and follow your heart. I pray that you know how special and super you are and that nobody in this world has earned the right to bring you down. I pray you know just how much you were wanted and that Daddy and I will fight till our last breath to protect you.You are pure joy, full magic and actual excellence. Watching you grow is a privilege I do not take for granted and my prayer is for long life so I can continue to enjoy the honor. You are a child of purpose, never ever forget that. We love you.” – Kunbi

April and Mike Raymond


Thank you for reading. ❤️