Black Magic-Inspired Adult Halloween Party

Perfete Blogger / Sunday October 30, 2022

Halloween is just as much for the adults as it is for the kids. And while we love candy and costumes and spooky décor, we can’t get enough of the haunted details throughout this adult Halloween party inspiration shoot by Beijos titled, “Black Magic Woman.”

The color palette of black, blood red, and hues of deep purple and orange against a backdrop of fall’s natural shades created the feeling of Halloween throughout the party. Attending the party, the women dressed in outfits of head-to-toe black instead of costumes for a witch-like look.

The evening of witchin’ and sippin’ included blood colored cocktails and wine served in black glasses. The outdoor dinner was decorated with a black tablescape and black balloon arches to set a dark and moody scene. The food table was decorated with floral arrangements made of neutral fall botanicals that give the look of dried flowers. Even the light bites that were served brought together the theme including a charcuterie board made of assorted snacks with an autumnal color palette and black and gold cake pops for a spooky feel.

Hints of purple and orange appeared in the form goblets on the dining and as throw pillows on the black leather couch. The feeling of black magic was truly in the air when the smoke machine filled the Halloween party with layers of mysterious fog.