An Ode to Africa: Beautiful Nigerian 1st Birthday Celebration

Perfete / Friday August 28, 2020

Today’s featured fête is truly unique. A lot of children’s party ideas get recycled over and over, so any time we see something extraordinary we have to share. Enter this absolutely beautiful Ode to Africa birthday celebration for Onari’s first birthday. The inspo details from his mother:

“I wanted to create something I had never seen before to celebrate my son Onari’ s birthday. With all that’ s going on in the world right now, I needed to channel my restless energy into something creative. An Ode to Africa felt right for this time, for this history making moment. Modeled after the traditional African architecture of the Ndebele tribe, Onari’ s little hut was born. I blended colours together to mirror the colours that were all around me as a child, growing up in Nigeria. The orange of the udara fruit, the deep and pale greens of the prickly shawachop fruit growing in our backyard, the rosewood tones of the tiny ixoria flowers, the beige of the beautiful sandy beaches in my hometown, Bonny and of course black in honour of the melanin that flows underneath our skin and gives beauty to all it touches. This was my inspiration.’



Planning, Design & Décor Name: i dream in decor //Flowers: Bespoke Blossoms //Photography Name: Tulle and Tweed Photography //Cake : classic cake victoria