Fresh to Depth: Modern Baby Shark Kid’s Birthday Party

Perfete / Thursday September 3, 2020

We have the CUTEST baby shark themed kids party to share with you today! I could tell you all my favorite things about it (the adorable signage, STUNNING fringe and balloon displays and a very pinterest-worthy cake) but who to tell about the party better than the super sweet birthday boy’s mother, Kham, from Hello Pretty Events:

Emmett has filled our lives with so much joy, so much fun, and so much Baby Shark DO DO DO DO!  His love for Baby Shark is what gave us the idea to create a Baby Shark themed birthday.  But I wanted to add a hip-hop twist a.k.a remix, to the theme.  This is how “Fresh To Depth Baby Shark” came into play!

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we did not get to celebrate with our loved ones.  Even his grandparents didn’t attend this party.  Instead, we only physically celebrated with the household which included mommy shark, daddy shark, brother shark, and auntie shark.  It was a small party, but we made the best of it!  There were balloons, lots of desserts, a ball pit, flowers, shark friends, and lots and lots of fringe. I wanted to add a hip hop twist to the original Baby Shark theme.  This included: sharks in sunglasses onesie, sunglass and “fresh to depth” cookies, “fresh to depth” and “move fish get out the way” signages, and 90s R&B and Hip-Hop background music.

We ended the house party with a quick zoom meeting where Emmett had his smash cake session and his loved ones sang happy birthday to him through a laptop screen.  Although he was used to seeing faces from the other side of the screen lately, I don’t think he expected to see so many faces on one screen.  He got camera shy and was just really trying to take it all in.  I mean, he was probably thinking “why are all of these people staring at me from the laptop”?

Although his first birthday wasn’t what I initially imagined it would be, I am so grateful that we are all safe, healthy, and were able to celebrate it intimately, and still share it with our loved ones virtually.  Also, it just left more cake and dessert for his mama!