Fairytale Birthday Party with Baby’s Breath and Violet Details

Perfete / Friday January 24, 2020

Prepare your hearts people! Today’s kids’ party is fairy-tale girly heaven! First, I’m jealous, and second, apparently I need to start saving ASAP cause kids parties are soooo much more glam that the water balloon fight parties I had as a kid. I mean, this is G-O-A-L-S. Every time we feature a party from this design crew, we expect magic and we were not disappointed. I mean seriously look at that backdrop.

All the deets from the planner:

“This first birthday party was every princess’ dream come true! Violet’s party was decked out in her favorite color: purple! From the florals to the cake to the balloons, there wasn’t a single detail of this party that didn’t include a drop of lilac to honor the birthday girl. The kids enjoyed a variety of activities, including a ball pit, build-a-bear workshop, and a mini bunny petting zoo. Guests also got to treat themselves to custom cotton candy and milkshakes, but the best treat was the show-stopping “stroke of midnight” cake. Violet even got to ride in a miniature carriage – it was the perfect way to celebrate this princess! This whimsical pastel fairytale party was the sweetest way to say “happy birthday” to this cutie!”