Pretty Pastel “Over the Moon” Baby Shower

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday April 29, 2019
Happy Monday lovers! Chin up, it’s gonna be a great week. In the words of JT, It’s gonna be May and warm weather is probably finally here to stay. We’re kicking things off with this beautiful and sweet baby shower. The theme is “Over the Moon” and it has the prettiest pops of pastel color, a show stealing cake and a brilliant use of grapefruit as decor (stealing this idea ASAP!) A few highlights from the planners:
“With Cinco de may around the corner we incorporated some tequila. I mean paloma pops with prosecco?! Easy to make and a total crowd pleaser. We wanted to add citrus to the table to make it fresh and colorful. The coral hues of the grapefruit with the green succulents mixed beautifully with our original indigo pallet. I wanted to do something unique with the macarons so I created a macaron moon wall. It was a DIY project that turned out super SWEET.”
Whether it is a shower around Cinco de mayo or just a love for the fresh & vibrant, this party would be fit for any mom to be and her besties: