6 Gifts for New Moms that Won’t Cost You a Thing

Kunbi O / Tuesday July 9, 2019

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Hello gorgeous! Now that I’m 1 and a half years into this motherhood thing, I feel like I can call myself a veteran in this mommy-ing sh*t, right? No? Okay, fine. I’m a rookie, at best. One thing I do know is that welcoming a new baby is HARD. Similarly, finding a few perfête gift ideas for new moms and soon-to-be-parents can be daunting. The first few months before and after the baby arrives involves a lot of prep work. Like, stocking up on a literal mountain of baby wipes, diapers, bottles, and totally chic baby clothes. #relevant

And even, decorating the nursery before the little bub arrives can be a chore. Honestly, you never feel truly ready. If you are currently racking your brain for cool, memorable gift inspiration to celebrate this new beginning, we have a few perfect gift ideas for new moms that won’t cost you a thing. Also, if you’re like me and cannot afford some of the fancy gifts for new mamas, this post is for you!  Here are 6 absolutely FREE gifts for new moms that are infinitely more valuable to a new parent than the latest baby gadget. Now that we’ve said that, know that there are exceptions. Like, gifts that save everyone’s sanity. Those are gold. So, purchase as many of those as you want. Zero judgement here.

Give Mom Time to Herself

One of the most obvious and thoughtful ways to help a new mother is to assist in baby duty for a while to give her some time to take a nap, an uninterrupted shower, or go out and spend some time by herself. If the baby is very young or the mother is breastfeeding she may not be able or want to leave the baby in someone else’s care for very long. But, you can still give her some much-needed rest by offering to hang out at her place and rock the baby. In turn, she gets much needed tim to take care of herself or catch up on sleep.

If you’re feeling extremely brave, you can even offer her a few hours every week in the first few months. As a result, she’ll have the security of knowing that she has regular, predictable help. During the first few months, new parent life can seem a blur of diaper changes and feedings. And, any time you can give is worth more than all the adorable baby shoes in the world. Trust us, we know how adorable they are!

Cook a Meal

Some days it’s impossible to get a meal on the table when dealing with the seemingly constant demands of a newborn. Offer to cook a meal in your home and take it to her. We have a few easy one pan chicken dinners if you need some inspiration (sheet pan meals are life, thank you very much). Or, cook the meal in her kitchen and then do the washing up afterward. Take the baby off her hands while she eats.

You would be hard pressed to find a new mom that isn’t delighted at the thought of eating a hot meal while it’s still hot. If you have a little cash to spare, you can prepare several freezer-friendly meals and drop them off. Mom will be thrilled to have something on hand she can pop in the oven quickly during days when the baby refuses to be put down.

Take on some Chores

Laundry, dishes and routine cleaning tasks pile up quickly when your day is suddenly consumed by feedings, diaper changes, and rocking a fussy baby for hours at a time. New moms are prone to feeling guilty for not being able to take care of all the household chores while adjusting to their new schedule. Take some stress out of the new mom’s life by getting a few loads of laundry washed and put away, or offer to run some errands that they’ve been unable to get to.

Babysit Older Siblings

If there are older siblings in the house, they will probably have experienced some upheaval to their schedule as well and may feel like they’re not getting enough attention with an infant in the house. Give mom a break and take older siblings out to the park for a picnic, or go on a nature walk. The kids will enjoy some fresh air and mom can spend some quality time with her newborn without worrying that she’s neglecting her older children.

Indonesian Mother With Baby

Take Pictures

A lot of moms find they have very few pictures with their new baby because they’re always the ones taking pictures of the little bundle. Snap some pictures while you’re visiting, so mom will have some shots of her and the baby that aren’t selfies. Even with an iPhone camera lens, it just isn’t the same.

Be Supportive

The most valuable thing you have to offer besides time is empathy. The first year with a new baby is extremely stressful and exhausting. A supportive ear or a reminder that no one is perfect, even if they’re doing their best to appear so on social media can be invaluable. Moms are constantly bombarded with unrealistic standards about how much they should be able to accomplish with a new baby in tow. Likewise, how quickly they should return to their pre-baby weight. Sometimes, a reminder that they are a great mom in the midst of a difficult day is the best gift you can give.

Cute baby clothes and other gifts will never be a substitute for the love and attention of your friends and family. By giving any of these suggest free gift ideas for the new mom in your life, you’ll contribute to her life in a meaningful way that material a material item cannot. And, your gift will be remembered long after the other presents have worn out. In the case that you aren’t able to be there for her due to time or distance (#life), check out our list of gift ideas and newborn essentials.

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