Dear Girl Child… A Message from Parents on International Day of the Girl

Kunbi O / Monday October 11, 2021

Did you know that Every 3 seconds, a child somewhere in the world becomes a bride? Yes, you read right- THREE SECONDS! This heartbreaking threat continues to plague girls and women around the world. So it’s time to Stop the clock and help start a new future for our girls. This is why we are supporting VOW for Girls.

VOW for Girls is a growing global movement that partners with brands, individuals, and the wedding industry to end the international child marriage crisis.

Today on International Day of the Girl (a globally recognized day of awareness and fund-raising) as we raise funds and awareness to ensure every girl can love on her own terms. All you have to do to participate TODAY is share either of the two images below or an image of you holding your hand up similar to this (link) on social media with this caption (remember to nominate someone) :

Every 3 seconds a child becomes a bride, but all girls deserve the chance to dream. For #DayOfTheGirl, let’s stop the clock and start a new future for girls. I nominate [@instagramhandle] to #StopTheClock. For every like, comment, and share, you will unlock $1 from @justinalexander, @theknot, and a generous donor (up to $100K) to help start a new future for girls everywhere. #VOWForGirls #StopTheClock #EndChildMarriage

For every like, comment, and share, you will unlock $1 from Justin Alexander, The Knot, and a generous donor (up to $100K) to help start a new future for girls everywhere. Make sure to use the hashtags #VOWForGirls, #DayOfTheGirl, and #StopTheClock and to tag @vowforgirls across social media channels.

PS – 100% of funds raised go to underfunded but effective efforts to end child marriage.

Now in honor of this important fight, we curated a few messages from Parents around the world to their Girl Child and all the girls around the world. We hope that these messages inspire the inner child and person in you, so that we can all work towards making these dreams a reality. ❤️

Dear Girl Child

  1. “Never loose your sense of wonder. You are special, unique and phenomenal. You are light, never be afraid to shine wherever you go. Nothing about you is ordinary, I want you to live each day knowing that you are here for a reason. Shine on my sparkle. I love you forever and always. ” – Shile B.

   2.  ” You are intelligent, witty, bold, loud, with a heart of gold. May the world never steal your pure goodness. Remember:

– Put God first
– Trust your gut
– Love fiercely
– Advocate for yourself
– Speak up for the voiceless
– Try things without fear of failure or what other people think
– Hold the door open for the girls coming behind you
– You can ALWAYS call me
You are for signs and wonders. I pray you continue to light up every room you enter.” – Yewande A.

3. “Find your purpose in life and be passionate about it. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and like-minded people. Lift each other up and work together. Be your best you – it will be different because you were there. Embrace your vulnerability, it will be your strength. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. In fact, be afraid if you’re not making them. Never underestimate your power to impact and influence.

Remain curious and you will never grow old.
You are never too young to lead nor too old to learn.

Remember, leadership is not about who is in charge. It’s about bringing people to a place they wouldn’t otherwise go. I know you will do great things and I will always be here for you with open arms and an open heart. Go out and make the world a better place. – Love, Dad” ( source: “Dear Charlotte: A letter to my daughter.“)

4. ” Always prioritize yourself. Pursue that which gives you happiness and peace of mind and walk away from whatever that doesn’t serve you, without hesitation. Have faith and confidence in your decisions and learn to not be swayed by the opinions of others. People who focus on how others perceive them are less clear about their goals, less open to learning from failure and less capable of self-regulation. You are not one of those. You are bold, you are confident, you are wise, you are reliable, you are fair…you are my daughter. ” – Adaku U-A.
5.” People will continually tell you to be a lady, to smile, to behave. These are all good things, things I hope you’ll do often— but I also give you permission to cry, to ball your fists, skip down the aisles of stores, tell jokes, and play in the mud. You are allowed to have emotions—they make us human. You don’t have to hide them or fear them. It’s okay to be heartbroken, angry, goofy, quiet, and strong willed. You are not obligated to any certain personality type simply because of your gender and the world’s perception of it.” – Leah 
6.  “Dear girl child, I want you to know that you’re beautiful and stay beautiful in a world that can be ugly and can make you do ugly things. You can do anything you as long as you’re determined, don’t ever let anyone try to hold you down, me included. ” – Bidemi Z-A.
7.  “If you can conceive it , you can do it. And when you do it, give it all you have, be open to making mistakes , falling, giving yourself grace and getting up again. Mummy will always be here to be the wind beneath your sails.” – Ibiyinka I.
Obi Somto Photography

8. “Dear girl child of mine, you are my light, but even more than that, you are the light of this world. Know this, and never let anyone put out your light. You are God’s child; therefore, you are good; you are kind and compassionate; and you love freely. Stay focused, my darling. Nothing can break you. Dear light of mine, I want you to know that you can do whatever it is you put you mind to. Speak up—your voice is needed. Stand up for what is right. Listen to wise counsel. Chart your own path. Be kind to yourself. Be that Proud Brown Skinned Girl! I’ll be cheering you on, always. ~ Love, mom.” – Bisi M.


9. “May you find pride in knowing that you bear the image of your Creator. May you stand tall and strong against the winds of injustice when they blow with threats of inferiority. May the prophetic words “fearfully and wonderfully made”  ring loud in your heart every time the  oppressor tries to rob you of your truth. May you be part of the generation who will live in a nation not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Charlotte Betts (via “Dear Black Child“)

10. “Girls are too often boxed into what they can and cannot do or what they can and cannot be simply because “You are a Girl” That is no longer an ENOUGH explanation because it has held back so many Great Girls from achieving Grandeur Goals that add so much Positive Value to our world. Grandeur Goals and Achievements are also meant for Girls too.” – Tope L
Obi Somto Photography
11. “Your warmth, kindness, curiosity, humor and love inspires me each day. You are beauty personified. Your light shines so bright and so my wish for you is that it never dims. Shine bright, my darling! Always stand up to fear because you have what it takes to conquer it. May the world bend in your favor and may you always accept and accommodate others. Love, give, love some more, give some more. Never settle for less than you deserve because you deserve the very best. I will always be here for you, behind you to protect you, beside you to befriend you, in front of you to be an example, teaching you to rely on you.” – JoJo Silla

12. “You are light, you are love and you are beauty! You are the joy bringer and in so many ways a life giver! You are an answered prayer and a dream come true. You are important. You are necessary. You matter. To the incredible little light of mine, shine so bright for all to see that they may speak of your father in heaven! Love Momma!” – Feyi B

Black mother and daughter