6 Affordable Ways to Organize Your Nursery

Kunbi O / Monday July 9, 2018

affordable ways to organize nursery

When it comes to organizing your babies’ nursery, there are a few Pinterest trends we need to be realistic about right off of the bat. While there are a million sophisticated ways to partition, divide and conquer dresser drawers, under-crib storage, and stacks of carefully labeled plastic bins…the truth is, you’ll be caring 24-7 for an infant, and reaching high, low and under to find what you need or worse, put it away is just not realistic. It takes a very certain kind of super-mom to be able to keep up with all that convoluted storage and not lose her mind.

Thankfully, we’ve had a look at the hottest Pinterest trends featuring spotless nurseries, decked out closets and what must be professionally folded blankets– really, how did they manage those corners?– to find you storage options that actually work, and why. The major plus is, each is actually cute and wouldn’t make you throw everything frantically into a closet when company comes a-calling!


  1. Glass Jars for Pacifiers, Bows and More
pacifier storage jar
Soothie Jar

Mason jars or attractive glass countertop jars seem like a simple fix, but are so effective! You can store these jars in plain sight and within arms reach. The colors in each pacifier, hair bow or other small but crucial items will provide a friendly pop of color on their own while being completely functional. The result? Attractive organization you don’t have to dig around frantically for!

  1. A Countertop Bath-time Organizer

We cannot stress these keywords like “counter top” and “within arms reach” enough! A stacked tower like this is an attractive storage option that turns your babies’ bath products like lotions, washcloths, and bath toys into decoration!

  1. Wooden Closet Dividers
via KidsbyKits

There are so many adorable closet dividers out there on the market to divide your sweet babies clothing by month. We also think these are incredibly important to have, but one major setback with the Pinterest perfect options is that they are all paper! The wear and tear of scooting hangers, taking article of clothing and putting them back, coupled with the fact that they may just get lost in the crush don’t make paper dividers very practical. Thankfully, there are gorgeous hangable wooden signs like these for sale (or easily made by the crafty mom!) These will stand up to all the action in your newborns closet, and are thick enough not to get lost in the shuffle.

  1. Space-Saving Bookshelves

rain gutter shelves for nursery

There’s something to be said for cost-effective, space-saving techniques that look gorgeous. That’s why we love this idea of creating a reading corner or bookshelves for your nursery out of simple rain gutters! Rather than bulky shelving units that take up more space than the books themselves, you can use simple rain gutters to make each book a decoration all of its own. Our other favorite part? It’s within arms reach and completely accessible, which is especially important if your other arm is holding a baby!

  1. Organize Baby Blankets and Towels in a Shoe Organizer
via Luresandlace

All the uses for organization and display that we’ve found for these cheap over-the-door clear plastic shoe organizers probably deserves its’ own article! However, we have to throw it in here as a neat, colorful way to roll or fold baby blankets and have them accessible. You can hide them discreetly on the inside of a closet or on the back of the nursery door, and the best part is you don’t have to spend a ton of time folding, and folding, and folding baby blankets!

  1. Pegboard Organizer for the Changing Table
pegboard nursery organizer
Laura Olivia Photography

The nursery pegboard is a trend we can really get behind. When situated at the changing table, you can have attractive storage for the essentials right at eye-level. No need to fumble for creams, lotions, diapers and wipes or anything else you might need. It’s incredibly easy to paint the pegboard a pleasing color, or hang wall art or decor on it to help make it blend into the nursery decor!