What to Pack in your Hospital Bag – Checklist

Kunbi O / Friday August 10, 2018

Better late than never right? After 8 whole months, I have finally put together my hospital bag checklist. Hopefully this helps a clueless mama like me who just needs answers! My list is pretty exhaustive but if other mamas out there have other suggestions, please drop it in the comments to help others out. I have linked to most of my fave items at the bottom of the graphic. I’ll be back with more lists in the future. Have a great weekend ladies! Also, if you’re interested in a Newborn Essentials List, check it

Warm Socks | Bathroom Slippers | Bedroom Slippers | Nursing Bra Set | Robe | Hair Tie |  Adult Diapers | Disposable Undies | Maxi PadsDermoplast | Tuck’s Wipes | Nipple Cream | Nipple Pads | Going Home Outfit for Baby | Button Up PajamasToiletry Bag | Baby Book | Newborn Mittens | Newborn Onesies


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