The Reality of Infertility- My Endometriosis Story (Part 4)

Kunbi O / Saturday September 1, 2018

“He delivers and rescues; he works signs and wonders in heaven and on earth.”- Daniel 6:27.

Where did I leave off? Yes, the first week in May. On the last day of the two-week wait , it was time to take our test. We kept dragging our feet because it was peaceful to remain in that ignorant bliss of “not knowing”. We’d been through so many false alarm cycles, that it was just easier to be PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise) for as long as possible. We waited until it was time to go to bed, took the test and walked away (because nothing drags longer than the 3 minute wait). Guys, what happened next is completely a blur now so here’s what I remember:

Olamide crumbled to the floor and we wept for what felt like hours. There are no words to describe the surge of happiness that comes with finally seeing those words – “PREGNANT” flash boldly back at you. We were excited, relieved, delirious and nervous all at the same time! I don’t think either of us slept a wink that night, eager as  beavers for our blood test the next day.

We got our confirmation call later the next day. I knew it was positive news when the nurse told me she had us on speakerphone and called the other nurse to listen in. Yes, even my fertility specialists were excited. This had become a group effort and everyone understood how much of a blessing it was.

Since Mother’s Day was right around the corner, we decided to share the news with our parents pretty early. If you follow my personal account on Instagram, you would have seen the video of my Mother in Law’s reaction. Truly epic.

Last year on September 1st, we announced our pregnancy here on the blog. Since then, I’ve received hundreds of messages from strong women around the world who are either battling infertility or had gone through it. Your stories of strength inspired me and it has been an honor following a lot of your journeys.

My pregnancy was heaven sent. No morning sickness, no pain, a breeze… until it wasn’t.

Endometriosis & Pregnancy:

Studies show that women with endometriosis have a “statistically significantly higher risk of preterm birth, miscarriage, placenta previa, small for gestational age infants, and cesarean delivery” – American Society of Reproductive MedicineBecause of this and my history of infertility, I was considered high-risk and monitored by a specialist throughout my pregnancy.

From week to week, everything progressed perfectly. At 32 weeks, during our routine specialist check-up, I was diagnosed with severe Polyhydramnios, a condition of excessive amniotic fluid that affects 1% of pregnancies. Some of the known causes of polyhydramnios include ( via Mayo Clinic):

  • A birth defect that affects the baby’s gastrointestinal tract or central nervous system
  • Maternal diabetes
  • Twin-twin transfusion — a possible complication of identical twin pregnancies in which one twin receives too much blood and the other too little
  • A lack of red blood cells in the baby (fetal anemia)
  • Blood incompatibilities between mother and baby
  • Infection during pregnancy

In fact, our hospital had seen an almost identical case a month earlier, which resulted in a stillbirth. All of a sudden, my fears came afresh and I started to panic. I began to question why I had even disclosed my pregnancy in the first place. BUT, God.

I kept repeating to myself that the God we serve would not bring this miracle, this ordained gift, after so many years, without a plan for His glory. Both our mothers (God bless them) encouraged us to stand firm in our faith and continue thanking God for the blessing.

I was ordered on bedrest and monitored by doctors every other day, with the hope that I could carry my baby to term (37 weeks) at the least. With each visit, the fluid around the baby increased, but, so did our faith. God did not bring us this far to put us to shame.

Image by BU! Fotos

At 37 weeks, (exactly a year after my last negative pregnancy test), our story changed. God delivered. Our son arrived.

 Three days later, on Christmas Day itself, we brought our son home.

 Images by April Elizabeth Photography

It’s been 8 months since we welcomed our son. He’s healthy, we’re happy and God continues to deliver on His promises. Each and every day, we are reminded of God’s greatness. We went through the fire and have come out victorious. The privilege of this miracle is not lost on me. I am merely 1 story out of millions of strong women who are waiting for their own breakthrough. A breakthrough, I now believe will come.

SO much can happen within a year. A year before I shared our story , I was fed up and absolutely over trying to conceive. Now a year after, our lives have transformed. The miracle I could not bring myself to picture has arrived. God delivers. I believe, and I need you to believe.

If you’re out there, sick and tired of being sick and tired, and at the point you have identified as ground zero. I assure you, your story is not done. Not yet.

God bless every single person who has read my posts, said prayers, shared in our excitement. Our rainbow is here and the testimony is complete.

Nicola Herring Photography.


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