20 of the Easiest, Most Creative Kid’s Halloween Costumes for 2019

Kunbi O / Friday October 18, 2019
Pennywise and Georgie Halloween Costume
Pennywise and Georgie Halloween Costume

Trick or treating is much more fun when your little ghouls and goblins love their costumes!

But even if it involves you forcing your spawn into a hilarious costume, things can get a bit daunting. When it comes to Halloween, we parents are left with the hard task of finding just the right costume for our kids. Some things you must consider are whether or not you want to get your craft on with a creative DIY costume or splurge on a one-of-a-kind Etsy creation. No matter which you choose, it’s important to get the right outfit to make the trick or treat experiences all treats and no tricks for your child.

Here is a look at 20 of the easiest, most creative kids’ Halloween costumes for 2019:

1.Baby Shark Costume

If your child is anything like mine, they’re completely brainwashed obsessed with Pinkfong’s Baby Shark. I can admit that I have caught the baby shark bug myself so this adorable costume is a win/win. The whole family could dress up as the entire shark clan- Daddy, Mummy, Baby Shark and even the grand parents. You know what to doo doo doo doo!

baby shark family costume
Baby Shark Family Costume via Amazon

2. The Game of Thrones Costume

One of the most popular costumes this Halloween is Khaleesi- the Dragon Queen from one of the most popular television shows (and book series) of the decade. This cheap and quick costume paired with a blonde wig and tiny dragon will transform your little one into the mother of all dragons. OR you could try to recreate a Tyrion Lannister outfit instead- how adorable is this one by @alleefoster. Either way you choose would be a sure crowd pleaser!

3. Harry Potter Family Costume

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a die hard Harry Potter fan so it should comes as no surprise that I’m obsessed with HP cosplay. This adorable family costume from Anna with Love makes me want to rethink my halloween plans. Say it with me folks: Wingardium Leviosa!

harry potter family halloween costume
by Anna with Love Photography

4. Baby Sushi

Jean of Extra Petite had the cutest and coolest family halloween costume idea. You can check out their DIY Baby Sushi Costume Tutorial and get to creating your own look. I love this one so much!

5. Ghost /Ghosted Costume

This was a heavily contested costume in my home. How about a fresh pin on the standard ghost costume, with a “ghosted” outfit. Yup, you know this new epidemic of people “ghosting” others whether by text or in life in general. Dress your little one as a mini ghost and you can pair it with a ghosted look of your own, like this one below.

6. Classic Mickey and Minnie

There are Halloween costumes that never go out of style and Mickey and Minnie Mouse are two of those classics. While they are among the easier Halloween costumes, they are also ones that have the ability to be the most creative. Take a look at this custom creation on Etsy for some creative Mickey and Minnie inspo!

Mickey mouse kids costume
Mickey Mouse Costume by Disney

7. Sibling The Office Costume

Okay, I know this is technically from a gender reveal but we can’t get enough of this Dwight Schrute and Pam Beesley costumes as an office themed halloween idea. Grab your various pieces from craft stores like amazon and  Etsy, to create this one of a kind look. You can do it guys!

Image via the_perfect_polish

8. Baby Chick

No words needed. How adorable is this baby chick costume by Pottery Barn? Your toddler would steal the show with this mellow yellow number and honestly, I wish there was an adult size.

Baby Chick by Pottery Barn Kids

9. Thanksgiving Turkey

Speaking of birds, thanksgiving is around the corner so why not dress your little one as an adorable thanksgiving turkey?

10. Baby Pumpkin Costume

baby pumpkin costume
Image by SYphotography

A pumpkin costume is an easy hit for any baby or toddler. For one, it’s season appropriate and more affordable than a lot of costumes out there. I dressed my unwilling little one in this Pumpkin Costume from Target but there are so many places you can buy from, including this glow in the dark version.

11. DIY Taco Costume

Everyone loves tacos, right? right? Well I do, and there’s nothing cuter than a little baby taco, this one by the Wayfayrer Family is easy and adorable to boot!

baby taco costume
Wayfarer Family

12. Thor (and Thanos)

The answer is YES. Marvel movies are all the rage this Halloween, and if you want to splurge on a costume, then this custom Thor costume is for your little badass! (affordable alternative). Go a step further and match their costume with a Thanos look. Here’s a Thanos Kids costume too!)


13. Dr Strange

Speaking of Marvel (the greater cinematic universe don’t @ me), how about this adorable mini Dr. Strange?

dr strange kids costume

14. Sibling Dr. Frankenstein Costume

Golden Arrow Events & Design & Michelle Rogers Styling Nola Fontaz,via 100layercake

15. Unicorn Costume

Unicorns are one of the most popular styles this year and omg there are so many adorable options to choose from. Like this CUTE Light Up Unicorn Costume by Pottery Barn (or this one from Amazon).


16. Avocado Costume

The year is 2019, and everyone is going insane over avocado toast! Your child is sure to get some laughs with this hilarious and creative costume.


Bring Transylvania to your street with this sweet, fun Vampirina costume! Your little vampire will love this cheap, easy costume this Halloween.

18. Max from “Where the Wild Things Are”

A costume so perfect, you’ll want to eat your little one up! One of the most iconic images from every childhood is this Max costume made popular by the children’s book Where the Wild Things Are!

wild things max costume

19. Pennywise

I don’t care what anyone says, halloween costumes should be cute and scary. I think that’s what we achieved with this costume for my son lol (mostly the scary part). One of the biggest halloween characters of this year (and last) is Pennywise the clown. Throw some calamine lotion / wet powder on your little one’s face and get to crafting. Alternatively you can just buy this terrifying look here.

20. Annabelle Costume

I can’t look at this baby girl for too long because, WOW I’m truly scared! Go the extra mile and transform your tot into this spot-on Annabelle from the self-titled movies in the Conjuring Universe. You know deep down you want to win costume competitions lol! Shop all the parts to this costume here.

Anabelle Kids Costume
via CostumeWorks


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