SNOO by Happiest Baby Review

Kunbi O / Friday April 6, 2018

happiest baby snow review

Can I just say how craz-mazing it is to be in the position to review a baby product? What a difference a year makes. Now that it has been over three months since our son was born, I’m finally coming up for air and have time to share all the great stuff I’ve learned so far. You can expect more mummy blogging moving forward (that is if I don’t forget lol). Today, we’ll be talking about one of my secret weapons for getting our little one to sleep at night. Now please don’t read this wrong- my infant is NOT sleeping through the night as of yet but he’s definitely sleeping better and I have a few things to thank for that. One of them is an amazing device called the SNOO.

Created by Pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, SNOO is the “safest baby bed ever made” and boosts sleep for babies 0-6 months with the soothing rhythms they enjoyed in the womb. I first came across this magical unicorn a couple years ago when my husband and I visited a Pediatrics conference in San Francisco. I was drawn to the modern bassinet aesthetic and the rocking motions that mimic the movements our mamas and aunties made when rocking us to sleep.

SNOO comes with 3 organic cotton wraps to secure to the sleeper to keep babies on their backs…making it the safest baby bed ever made! Knowing that my little love is not only snuggled up but most importantly SAFE makes using the SNOO a no-brainer.

So here’s how it works: When a baby fusses, SNOO ‘hears’ the crying and intuitively chooses just the right amount of shushing sound and jiggly motion to help lull the baby back to sleep (literally gives mom’s tears of joy everywhere). This in no way takes away from the mother-child bond, it just makes life easier when a fuss is easy to manage. If the baby doesn’t calm down after a minute, the SNOO shuts off and you know then that baby needs more tender loving care aka their momma! It’s like having a tech night nurse.

My first few days/weeks with Ore, I had serious anxiety each night that each grunt or twist meant he was choking or in distress so I barely slept a wink through the night. I was like a bodyguard staring down my baby as he twisted around in his sleep. What the SNOO does, is give you peace of mind as the child first of all is securely harnessed in the amazing sleep-sack, which then attaches in place to the SNOO to allow them sleep peacefully on their back. It’s MAGICAL!

As you can imagine, every baby is different so the amount of movement or shushing differs as the baby requires. My son for instance requires a lot of rocking and singing to fall asleep. The SNOO’s simple-to-use App lets parents modify the experience to select the most responses that work the best for their baby. I also benefited GREATLY from the 1 on 1 phone consultation with their in-house experts. I got the chance to speak with Dr. Harvey Karp himself, who addressed all my sleep concerns. Guys, this product was a lifesaver and reinforces my belief that you do whatever you have to do to help your baby sleep. There is no price too high for peace of mind and when that combines with safety, you have the perfect product. I wish i could use it all year but it unfortunately only works until your baby is 6 months/ 25 lbs/ can get on their hands and knees. I’m going to cherish it until the time comes! You can get the SNOO directly from They offer a 30 day no-risk trial (with free shipping!) If you’re like me and had initial sticker shock at the price, you can get it for 35% off by entering my discount code ‘Kunbi35’  at checkout. This code will expire at midnight PST on April 20th 2018. Happy Shopping!