10 Travel Bloggers We’re Currently Stalking- #Jealous

Feyi Bello / Tuesday March 12, 2019

infinity pool overlooking the ocean

I firmly believe that the absolute best thing you can do to enrich your soul, mind and heart is travel. Nearby cities or all the way across the globe. Planned or spontaneous. Immersing yourself in new cultures, landscapes and traditions truly changes you for the better. Experiences over items, any day. Wanderlust is intense especially during these harsh winter months, so we turn to insta to transport us to an exotic location, even if just for a moment. From beaches to jungles, mountains to cities, here’s 10 travel bloggers we’re seriously crushing on right now, and damn if they don’t know how to get a killer shot:


1.) Angie Villa

If you need inspiration and suggestions for a beach bae/vacations surrounded by the most crystalline oceans and best resorts look no further than instagram.com/missangievilla.

2.) Zeeba Life

Zeeba and her husband give me all kind of cute vibes. I absolutely love the fact that though their accommodations are always on the high end they find joy in exploring the countries they are visiting in the simplest and purest ways. It’s a seamless balance that can’t be easily replicated.

Mayan pyramids in Tulum Mexico
Tulum Mexico, via Zeeba Life

3.) The Catch Me if you Can

This particular lyric from Helen Reddy’s I am Woman come to mind when I think about Jessiza Nabongo “I am a WOMAN, hear me ROAR!!!!” This  bald-headed queen is on a quest to become the first black woman to visit every country in the world, and she is currently on country 157  of 195. I needn’t say more.

green bikini on black model travel blogger in Zanzibar
Photo Credit: Andre Perry via TheCatchMeIfYouCan

4.) Salty Luxe

If you keep up with us on instagram, you will have seen a few reshares from this account. She visits all my dream locations and slays the heck out of relaxing. Trust me, you need to follow!

5.) Spirited Pursuit

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder,  I have never met Lee but her pictures tell me that she is a beautiful soul . Her pictures pull at you from deep within and latch onto you – now you have a location you just HAVE to visit one day. Add to that her style, her fashion sense and her lush hair. WHOOSHHH!!!!  Woman Crush !

6.) Elona the Explorer

I love how Elona immerses herself in the culture of every country she visits. You can tell she takes the time to go beneath the surface and really dig deep within to get to feel the core of each location she steps foot in. With each beautiful picture she shares with us something new, sometimes a folklore, sometimes its historical, sometimes political and sometimes just a quick joke.

7.) Asiyami Gold

Hands down one of my favorite influencers to follow. Not only are her destinations drool-worthy but her entire style is goals to me! If you love fashion AND exploring, follow Asiyami Gold as as she gives us glimpses of her life story through carefully crafted visual stories.


8.) Two Trends

Who says adulting has to be predictable and mundane? Grab your Mr/Ms., camera and carry-on  and see the world for a few years. Sebastian and Espe make an extended honeymoon look and sound exciting and picturesque. 

9.) The Ufuoma

Compared to some of the others on this, you may coin theUfoma a ‘rising star” in the travel blogger-sphere but I think you have to be something super special to work full time, travel on a West African Passport and still find time to serve these epic images.

10.) Where in the World is B

Its always a special treat when you find male travel bloggers to add to your crush list, because we all know they are few and far between. They are usually more adventurous in regards to their accommodation and locations, so we get to see different perspectives of a world we might know. Thanks Brian, you’re doing freaking awesome!.


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