Visualize Your Best Self – Feyi’s Self Portrait 30th!

Feyi Bello / Wednesday April 20, 2022

You Guys!!!!

I finally did it, I finally overcame my birthday anxiety and threw myself a party! It’s been quite the journey, fighting my birthday anxiety and honestly, I have to thank Perfete for pushing me. Imagine being surrounded by people celebrating themselves and loving celebrations without catching the bug? Impossible!

After my 29th birthday last year, I didn’t realize when I popped open a Pinterest account and started creating my mood board. Initially, it was just for vibes, but soon after I started sharing the board with friends and family, and then KUNBI! And honestly, it was a wrap.

Kunbi took one look at my mood board and gave me the most beautiful, most meaningful theme –

SELF PORTRAIT – Visualise your best self & show up as that.

(Which she immediately forgot that she did Bahahahahaa!!)

And that’s exactly what we did. I really did want my friends to come as the highest version of themselves not just in terms of their clothes but internally. I explained it all on the invites below: