10 Fun Kids’ Playroom Design Ideas

Kunbi O / Monday February 25, 2019

Designing a playroom is one of those really exciting times when you allow your imagination to run wild while breaking away from technical design rules. In as much as we’re here for the aesthetics, let’s not neglect the functionality of the space. Your kids are going to be spending a lot of time in this room so to make it an incredibly fun project for everyone, work together with your child to figure out what they want. For much younger kids, be attentive to their favorite things (cartoons, arts & crafts, learning materials, and everything in between). A well-thought out playroom should be able to hold their attention and of course all of their toys! It’s also a major plus for a parent if it’s a space you can zone out and vibe in (because if you think i’ll be curled up in a kids tent to get away from adulting, you’re absolutely right!) Below are our my 10 favorite picks of some amazing playrooms:

1.) For our artsy craftsy kids! Via earlychildfood 

2.) Functional and Fun! Via Kate Decorates

3.) Wall decals which double as a learning tool. Via Mong Decor

4.) A cute little stage and a tree house? With hidden storage? The kind of extra i’ll gladly be signing my kids up for. Designed by: Yakusha Design

5.) For our mindful minimalists who wants nothing to do with clutter via Katie Lamb

6.) If your playroom was an afterthought, and you’re tight on space here’s a cuddly little space that works! Designed by: Chango & Company

7.) Bonus: “No kids zone” playroom because adults deserve playrooms too! Designed by: Eisneer Design

8.) Black, white and colorful playroom via Domino. Photography by Sean Litchfield / Change & Co.



9.) Color coded playroom. Designed by: The Home Edit

10.) A chalkboard wall. Ideally where all the scribbly doodles should go and a space to give your child an opportunity to create! Photo:  Francesco Lagnese via Real Simple