10 Breathtaking Contemporary Dining Room Ideas

Kunbi O / Tuesday May 7, 2019


Be it holiday dinners or Sunday brunch, the dining room is our favorite place where we gather with family and friends.  There’s nothing better than a delicious meal, good wine and conversation. However, the design of the room can totally impact the mood of the gathering, whether it be light levels, the comfort of chairs, or chic details. Now, you don’t exactly need to be design oriented or inclined to be able to tell that a space was poorly thought out. Dining rooms are heavily furniture centered and in a lot of instances, we find ourselves buying a dining set and calling it a day. There’s so much more potential to be unleashed in your dining area, and lots of inspiration all over Pinterest and home magazines to spark your creativity! A flawlessly designed dining room will have you hosting themed dinners or having date night at home just because you love the space so much. Here are 10 dining rooms we’re absolutely obsessed with right now, and the stand out pieces that bring them all together:

1.) Wall Art: Every well curated space has impeccable artwork. For a traditional dining space, art will play a major role in lifting a room from stark to elegant in very subtle ways.


L: Patrick Cline R: Ksenia Myasnikova


2.) Lighting: The make or break of the dining room. Bad lighting will not only affect your mood, but your meals (-take my word for it lol). Spice up your space with beautiful lighting. There’s so many modern options to choose from these days; different shapes and sizes. Create the right ambiance for you and your guests. It’s a plus if you have a dimmer switch in this space to control the brightness and set the mood.


L: Simon Upton via Elle Decor, M: , R:

3.) Statement seating: Does it get any better than emerald green chairs? The wealth! These chairs are show stealers. You don’t need to do much with anything else; simple pendant lights, classic glass table and you’re good to go. Fine dining vibes (-even with the most basic meals) in my home every day? Sign me up!

4 & 5.) Cute & Cozy: Sometimes small is absolutely perfect when designed well. To add more texture to the space, go off on your velvet seating, metal accents are also a great addition to add some glam!





6.) Layers on layers: This is the perfect setup for the winter months. The area rug, dining chairs, and chandelier just fit in together so well. To layer up and still have it looking this clean is an actual class act (-not everyone can pull off). A designers tip: Light curtains will automatically make the room feel lighter, this monochromatic color scheme will also have you forgetting the absence of color in this beautifully designed dining area.

Tamara Magel

7.) The Ghost Set: Invisible but somehow so strikingly noticeable! Creates the perfect intimate dining area and that statement mirror in the back makes the small space look much bigger!

DC by Design


8.) Similar colors executed in different shapes. You don’t want to be TOO matchy matchy, but you do want your color palette to flow properly. In the below example, blue and gold were the main colors, but they mixed it up with different chairs for the heads of the table and a funky and fun chandelier.



Nickolas Gurtler

9.) Color as a a neutral. Yea you heard me right. This is the year of color (no more all white everything). Colors can be beautifully used as neutrals when matched with earth tones and bright lighting.


Balcon Studio

10.) Pick a theme. Let’s say you know you love blue, gold and white. You can then slowly build your room keeping those colors in mind and choosing different textures, fabrics and focal points to bring it all together. PLUS! Love the use of a loveseat as a seating option. Two glasses of wine in that cozy spot and we’ll never leave!

Be in Design via Berg Interior



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