Refresh Your Living Room Decor With These Five Easy Additions

Brianna Kozlarek / Thursday April 4, 2019

Whether you’re hosting and entertaining guests, or you’re crushing on a sofa for movie night your living room is the most common space where family and friends spend a lot of quality time together while raking up unforgettable memories. Thoughtfully designed living room decor is a must. Luckily, there are so many ways to create a vibe that will compel you to spend more time in your living room, or just show off your design aesthetic to your guests! Here are a few design tips for a living room refresh that will give your favorite space the facelift it needs!

Via The Darling Detail


1.)Add some art

A few well-placed pieces of art make for chic living room decor.

Douglas Friedman via Architectural Digest

Art is one of the best ways to add character to your living room. It’s also a great conversation starter! However, let’s not forget to keep it clean and simple. That’s because once you start doing too much with art, you’re about to convert your living room into a showroom (unless of course, that’s your kind of vibe. Then, by all means, go for it!)


2.) Coffee Table Books Make for An Instant Living Room Refresh

Add a few coffee table looks to elevate your living room decor (and your worldliness!)

Via Home with Keki

Does your living room decor feel a little standard lately? Add a few books and Presto! Coffee table books are constantly giving off bougie, sophisticated, chic vibes. They’re a great addition to have in your living room and fairly inexpensive additions that result in an instant living room refresh. We won’t even judge you for not reading them. side eye


3.) Throw Pillows Are The LBD of Living Room Decor


Throw pillows are a versatile element of living room decor.

Via Sivan Ayla

Throw pillows. They might be the last thing on your checklist, but they instantly transform a space and decode your style to your guests. They’re also totally comfy! Whether you go for mix and match patterns and prints, soft complementary colors or even super modern floor throw pillow, you’ll have a living room refresh in five seconds or less.


4.)  Freshen Up with Florals or Greenery

Greenery and florals are a quick and inexpensive living room refresh.

Via Fresh Home

You haven’t finished decorating a space if there are no blooms! Real or faux, go for it! One rule to live by every room should have something green in it. It makes each space feel alive, even if the plant itself isn’t! Plants are another super easy, cheap and customizable living room decor piece that can refresh your area. If your style is modern and minimal, spruce up (pun intended) with a few air plants or succulents. If you prefer whimsy and boho elements, pile on the lush cattails and artfully undone greenery.

5.) You Can’t Create a Living Room Decor Plan Without a Statement Piece

Bold Statement Pieces like this blue couch are essential to good living room decor

Via Gray Malin

Ahh, the statement piece. This is the secret weapon of interior designers and savvy home designers (such as yourself.) the statement piece can truly be anything, but generally, it should be sizable. After all, if you can barely see it, it’s not much of a statement! Stuck on what to use? Accent chairs always add some glam to the room. But it doesn’t stop there: a new ottoman, mini bench, chaise lounge, a love seat, or pouf will not only add more seating but update the layout of your space. A jaw-dropping material, pattern or vibrant color can truly create that statement!


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