8 Must-haves for Outdoor Entertaining this Summer

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday May 14, 2019

Festive décor

What’s even more fun than hosting a party? Decorating for a party! Fun and festive plates, cups, and décor details like these from Ellie & Piper will take your next outdoor entertaining event to the next level. Plus, who doesn’t love easy cleanup!? Images via 87 Home Design, Homeishome, Home NBC and Jaclyn Paige.


Refreshing cocktails

We all know it can get HOT during the summer, especially in the late afternoon/evening, so a refreshing cocktail is a must. Try something easy that can be served out of a pitcher like a make-ahead sangria, frozen rosé, or sparkling strawberry lemonade! Or, in our case it will be the summer of the spritz – aperol spritz to be specific. Images from CarrieBradshawlied, Elle Decor, Flavoured with love and Jillian Rose.


Comfy seating

Make sure you have plenty of seating for your guests outside! Simple benches or blankets and floor pillows will be easy to set up and give your entire event an intimate and cozy feel. Images via Jillian Rose, Sivan Ayla and Kristyn Lee.


Chill Music

Nothing is more awkward than silence at an outdoor party! A small bluetooth speaker connected to your favorite Spotify playlist is all you need to keep the mood going. My fav playlist is either Sergio Mendes or “hipster cocktail party” radio on Pandora (it’s better than the title implies haha, trust me! A good mix of new chill and Sinatra). Image via Kristyn Lee.


Yummy bites

Nothing worse than hungry guests (if I’m coming over, feed me). Kabobs and DIY tacos are outdoor entertaining classics for a reason – They’re easy to make, can be made vegetarian for select guests, and taste delicious! For your next outdoor event, try sprinkling a new spice blend on top to mix it up! We love Cured Nutrition’s CBD-infused spices, especially the blackening and smoky BBQ blends! And you can literally never go wrong with a quality cheese board. Images via Camille Styles and Jillian Rose.


Classic desserts

No party is complete without dessert! Turn to easy summer classics like s’mores, popsicles, or cookies – They’re crowd-pleasers and are the perfect finishing touch after a night of entertaining! Strawberry cakes and tarts are perfect choices too, cause they’re sweet but not too heavy. Images via our food stories.



Pretty Lighting

Nothing elevates the outdoor party experience like pretty lighting. Bistro lights strung in trees, lanterns, candles, hell even a chandelier! This sets the MOOD and honestly is the most flattering lighting ever. In my opinion, lighting makes or breaks a memorable party. Images via Home Design Inspired and Next Future Home.


Natural repellants

 Not talking about for guests who never leave, but the bugs 😉 “For summer outdoor entertaining, create a mosquito repellant tabletop. Use citronella candles but add herbs like basil, lavender, rosemary and mint. These herbs are natural insect repellants! It will keep the pesky bugs away without being overly obvious and will create a beautiful backdrop on a summer evening!” – Euri Wong, Lead Designer at Bloominous. Image via Kathleen Barnes.