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Brianna Kozlarek / Wednesday June 20, 2018

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With warm weather finally here, being outside is a must for every free afternoon. You’re going to want to go exploring with trips like hikes or camping, and then there’s the local festivals that will have you walking around town all day. These are all great to do, but sometimes you’ll also want to enjoy the weather in your own backyard. That’ll be hard to do if you don’t feel like your yard is a fun place to spend time in.

This summer, give your backyard a dreamy tropical makeover. You’ll be able to walk out your own backdoor and feel like you’ve stepped into a different world. It also can’t hurt to have something gorgeous to be able to look at every day while you sip your morning coffee! Check out some ideas for how you can transform your backyard even if you’re on a budget. In just a weekend or two, you’ll have a getaway you can escape to whenever you need a break from the world.

Decorate with Lush Plants

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If you try to think of typical pictures of tropical locations, you’ll probably think of palm trees and lots of green foliage. Beachy sites always have greenery around, whether it’s on the edge of the coast line or around the resorts, so bring that natural look into your own yard with lush plants. Hang ferns and vines off your porch or on your fence. Plant some leafy bushes and let them grow out until that have that wild appeal. It won’t cost much and they’ll stick around all summer long.

Look into Water Features


Another key component of tropical getaways is that there are always water features around. Tourists leave their hotels and see water fountains and water falls, so recreate that for yourself! Take a minute to look into the best backyard water features to see which one would look best for you and the space you have to use. The look and sound of running water will add the calming ambiance that tropical getaways always have.

Try Natural Stone Accents

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What you’re used to seeing around where you live is probably a lot of concrete, houses and the same plants in everyone’s yards. To really feel like you’re in a different place, you need materials that no one else has. That’s why natural stone accents will be a great addition to your dreamy backyard. Line your garden with them or use large slabs as a walkway to where you have yard furniture for people to hang out in. Check your local stores to see what options you have for stone to compare colors and cost.

Get the Right Décor


When you’re trying to make space have a certain look, it won’t be complete until you have the perfect décor. You can easily find great tropical décor online if you know what you’re looking for. Think of tiki torches around your grilling area or large palm leaf branches framing your porch wall. Buying them online might mean that you can get special discounts, so check around on the web and see what you can find.

Plant Butterfly Bushes

To really feel like you’re somewhere new, you should be able to see something fun every day. Butterfly bushes will add that fun to your backyard because they’ll attract so many different kinds of butterflies. You can view them out your window during breakfast or have them dance around you while you grill dinner. Read up on how to plant butterfly bushes so your backyard is teeming with new kinds of life every day.

Install the Perfect Lighting

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When you finally have your backyard put together, people will want to come hangout. This is great, but what happens when the sun sets? You’ll need the right kind of lighting, and the average flood lights that keep backyards lit will only wash away your tropical vibes. Look into installing things like tiki torches, outdoor fairy lights or even a fire pit. Whatever would look perfect outside a cabana just off the ocean will fit with your getaway theme.

Use More Beach Materials

One easy way to bring a tropical paradise into your own backyard is to use the materials you’d find on a beach. Think about how you can use sand in your yard to give it a beachier feel. Aim for white sand that’s found on more tropical beaches instead of the regular yellow or brown shades that are more common to coastlines. You can lay the sand on top of your garden soil or under yard furniture. You can also incorporate driftwood into the overall look of your yard or large shells as accent pieces.


The backyard getaway of your dreams isn’t far away! You can quickly transform your yard into the tropical paradise you’d love to get away to, all in just a weekend or two. Consider what aspects of a tropical design you’d like most. Are you willing to keep up with a bunch of leafy plants in your backyard by watering them every day? Do you want to go through the process of installing new lighting?

Set aside some time to determine what your budget will be for your new project. Once you have a final number, you’ll be able to narrow down what you want by what you can afford. Even changing something as simple as building a fire pit in your backyard will help it feel like a whole new place. Plants are also more budget friendly, but if you’re new to taking care of plants, you’ll have to get used to their watering schedule.

Having a tropical backyard is something that anyone can do, as long as you know what décor and features you’d like to add. Once you have an idea of what you want, jump into it! You’ll have your amazing backyard complete before you know it, so you’ll be able to host parties or relax in peace in between the last spring showers.



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