Quick and Stylish Ways to Organize Your Living Room This Spring

Brianna Kozlarek / Friday March 30, 2018


You’ve probably heard of spring cleaning, but have you ever heard of spring organizing? When temperatures begin to warm up and flowers blossom outside, bring the freshness of the season inside by revamping the way things are organized in your living room. Whether it’s rearranging the furniture or adding a few new pieces to the décor, these simple tips will help to keep everything in proper order—and pay homage to the season outside.


Try Separate Seating Areas

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When you go to sit down for a chat in the living room, does it feel like a natural transition, or is it awkward? If the answer is a resounding, “Awkward!” then it’s probably time to rethink the organization of your living room. Try setting up a separate seating area just dedicated to hanging out and making conversation, as well as another one for watching TV. By shifting some of the furniture in the living room, you may open your home to a whole slew of entertaining possibilities just in time for a social season.


Refresh Your Pillows

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‘Tis the season for bright blues and pastel pinks to invade your home — and there’s a simple way to add them. Simply buy some new springtime pillow covers for the pillows strewn across your couch, loveseat or overstuffed chairs. Find a shade that suits your existing color scheme but contrasts the hue of your furniture enough so that it really pops. Small pillowcases like these are relatively inexpensive and can have a big impact on the seasonally inspired aesthetic of your main living space.


Bedeck Your Coffee Table

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If you find that you have knick-knacks scattered all around the living room, there’s a simple way to corral them in an organized way and also improve the look of your home. Make your coffee table part of the décor. Enlist its lower shelves to hold these decorative odds and ends, arranging them in a way that looks deliberate and chic. Consider creating one or two vignettes with the embellishments, and feel free to add some spring-themed pieces like faux flowers or a floral-scented candle, if you have the extra space.


Bring the Patterns and Textures

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Another way that you can quickly bring some organization and flair to your living room this spring? Neatly fold a new throw blanket over the back of your sofa. Opt for a blanket with a chunky weave to add some texture, and arrange it carefully over the crest of the couch so as to create the sense that it has been purposefully placed and is part of a meticulously designed living space. You can also incorporate a springtime pattern in the form of the new blanket or a set of fresh natural prints hanging on the wall.


Rearrange for Better Flow


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When it comes to organization in the living room, perhaps nothing is more important than the way that you arrange your furniture. Since spring is a time of renewal, it’s also the perfect time to ensure your large furnishings fit in your space as perfectly as possible. To this end, consider traffic pattern when you perform a springtime makeover in the living room. Make sure people can comfortably come into and leave the living room, and have all large pieces arranged around a focal point, like the TV or fireplace.

If you’re aiming for something a bit more formal, then refer to the first tip, which emphasizes a separate area specifically dedicated to conversation. You can also create two spaces for conversation, no TV necessary, depending on the type of entertaining you typically do.


Scoot Tables Closer

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This may seem like an obvious tip but ensuring that all tables are within arm’s reach can make a major difference in the organizational vibe in your living room. If your guests constantly must lean forward to pick up their mug of coffee or put down their glass of wine, it could inhibit conversation and cause discomfort. So, place end tables around the room at reasonable intervals, making sure that each seat has access to the coffee table or another surface. This way, everyone in the room will be happy and comfy.

 With just a few minor tweaks, your living room could be ready for the spring season. Choose one or a few of the options to add some much-needed pizazz to your living space before March goes out like a lamb. Whether you simply order a few new pillow covers to jazz up the couch or completely rearrange the entire living room to refresh the traffic flow of the space, your friends and family will notice the difference. In fact, with the right touches, your home might just become the new hangout this spring.


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