5 Exterior Trends to Add to Your Home Before Summer

Kunbi O / Monday May 28, 2018

It’s almost summertime, which means it’s time for spring cleaning and updates to your home, especially its exterior – said to be the most important part of a home because it’s the first thing people see. Plan to spruce up your landscape, add new shutters or change your front door color to really update your home’s look.

This time of year is the perfect excuse to read up on fun home improvement projects and exciting new trends so you can give home sweet home the makeover it deserves. Check out different color swatches while you explore current popular styles, so you can further define your own personalized look. Read on for five exterior trends to add to your home before summer.

Accent Points

This trend is taking over 2018, so jump on board with your home to distinguish it from others. Paint your home’s trim a different color to make your exterior pop or add an elegant design to your garage door that will add contrast and give your home a more timeless look. You want to complement your exterior, so choose a color palette and stick to it. Bolder colors work best for accent points like shutters or trim.

Hang a gas lantern in your front entrance to make it stand out. There’s nothing like quality hardware to update an exterior and add a focal point. Throw in a few stone or brick accents for a classic look. Both come in many different shades, textures and designs, so consider adding stone as an accent to parts of your exterior.

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Update Your Current Color Palette

Use your home’s color palette to make a statement. Be bold and dynamic, and mix light and dark shades of similar colors to create a nice contrast. Your front door is the focal point of your entire home, so if you choose dark gray siding with white trim, opt for a bold red door or another statement color to really make it stand out. Don’t pair a pale blue door with gray siding and white trim because then your door will become washed out.

Select the Best Siding

Each home is unique, so make sure you take time to choose the best siding for yours. Keep in mind cost, aesthetics and climate when making your choice, and invest in high-quality siding. If you cut corners and go the cheap route, your siding won’t last for very long. Take the plunge and do it right.

Depending on which part of the country you live in, you may choose form vinyl, brick or stucco siding. If you live in the east, vinyl is a more popular choice. For the west – stucco. Vinyl siding is not only one of the most popular choices across the country, but it’s affordable, durable and requires very little maintenance. You can choose from a variety of different colors, shapes and sizes, and even get UV protection to minimize fading.

Brick siding is durable, lasts for a long time and is gaining in popularity. With brick you don’t have to worry about it fading, being dented or wearing out. Termites will also be one less thing to worry about. If you live in a part of the country with harsh weather conditions, brick is the way to go. While this timeless option is expensive, it’s worth it to save yourself from repairs and multiple updates. The downside is you will be stuck with whatever you choose for the long run.

Plaster and stucco siding is popular in the Midwest and is affordable and durable. Homeowners who live in hotter states benefit because it’s energy efficient and can decrease moisture buildup.

Create a Grand Entrance

You don’t have to have giant white pillars to do this, but it’s a great option. Consider an exterior balcony on the second level, above your front entrance, add large windows or put in steps that lead to your front door. Line your walkway with beautiful potted plants or flowers or add an interesting railing. Whatever you choose to do, if you improve your front entrance, you will undoubtedly make an ever-lasting impression on visitors.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Increase your home’s curb appeal with an upgraded garage door. While wooden garage doors decreased in popularity for a time due to fiberglass, they have made their comeback. Instantly add timeless elegance with a traditional or more modern design. Farmhouse architecture and barn door styles are also trending because they add a comforting element to a home and have an old-fashioned elegance.

Updates to your home will not only freshen up its overall look, but it will add value as well. Whether you have a small or large budget, there are plenty of things you can do to enhance the exterior of your home. Choose to simply paint your front door a new bold color or go all out and build a stone walkway to the entrance of your home. The options are endless, but the five trends above are sure to make your home stand-out this summer.



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