Colorful Pantsuits: 25 Ways to Power Suit Up This Season

Kunbi O / Tuesday July 16, 2019
pinstripe short suit set
Courtesy of The Kemist

Oh wow you guys, colorful pantsuits are HAWT this year. If you are anything like us, you know that slaying it at work (and life, amiright?) is only possible with a great pantsuit look. Whether you are in the mood for something feminine and flirty, totally fun, or ultra sexy. We have a few ideas to add some color to your wardrobe – and your feed. Likewise, if you just want to pull a power move with a trendy one piece ensemble, we get it. A great black tuxedo inspired outfit or all white pant suit is hard to ignore. In fact, we may be doing the same thing RN. Like, killer sequin pantsuit with chic feathery stilettos speaks to us. Similarly, a purple pantsuit with Joanna straw hat or a pair of sparkly Louboutins? Babes.

Literally, this current fashion trend is life. Also, thank you Blake Lively and all of Instagram for inspiring us with so many divine looks. Who says we can’t be productive in the 9-5, while slaying the heck out of it? Whether it’s fancy, dressy, chic, or sexy. Certainly, side buttons, plunging neckline and embroidered florals are all required.

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25 ways to suit up and rock colorful pantsuits this season

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