15 Perfête Elopement Ideas

Perfete / Wednesday June 24, 2020

Our hearts go out to all the couples who’ve had to postpone their weddings due to COVID-19. Maybe you’ve decided to change your date and spend the extra time planning, enjoying being engaged and saving up. Maybe you still want to have that big wedding with family and friends, but in the meantime you just want to be married already. For emotional, legal and healthcare reasons (especially now!) we don’t blame you. A lot of couples are choosing to elope during this time and have the big party when it’s safe for everyone. OR maybe you just want elope and forgo the party altogether – that’s okay and awesome too! Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you still can’t have a totally beautiful and memorable day. Here are 15 Elopement Ideas to inspire you:


1 & 2.) For a City Wedding:

Brooklyn Elopement

Chic Washington DC Elopement

3.) For the Prettiest Spring Details

Spring in Bloom

4 & 5.) A Paris Elopement

Say Yes to the Dress


Glam Paris Elopement

6.) Christmas Elopement

Holiday styled shoot

7.) Icelandic Beauty

Breathtaking Iceland Elopement

8 & 9.) Moody and Deep

Romantic Victorian Shoot

Winchester Mystery House

10.) Dinner for Two

Mediterranean Inspo at the Manhattan Bridge

11.) Wildflowers everywhere!

Pastel Wildflower Inspo

12. In the Garden

Ultra Romantic Elopement Inspo


13.) At home

Rafal Ostrowski Via Gina Papa

Christina Erikson via Aimée Sommerville Assam

14.) Picnic Style

Lauren Louise Collective via Tiny Wedding Planning DC

15.) Good old-fashioned Vegas