Ultra Glamorous Paris Engagement Shoot

Brianna Kozlarek / Friday February 23, 2018

“Time decides who you meet in your life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behaviour decides who stays in your life.” – Ziad K. Abdelnour


You guys, this is without a doubt the most glamorous engagement shoot we’ve had on the blog. It takes place in Paris, features TWO amazing wedding dresses and absolutely breathtaking image captured by Claire Morris Photography. This engagement shoot is more glamorous than a lot of the weddings that come through our inbox, so we totally can’t wait to see what is sure to be a truly spectacular wedding.


“Our love story began when I met Trevor 11 years ago,” said the bride to be. “We first met during a business trip to Taipei where Trevor is originally from, we dated for a little while and finally got together a few months later. For the first 2 years we had a long distance relationship but later on we knew we wanted to be together long term and less part time so Trevor quit his job and moved to Hong Kong where I am originally from. A few years later we both made the decision, when a career opportunity popped up that we would move to Shanghai and thats where we are living now.
I think we work well together because we both have very different characters, Trevor is a calm, witty, patient and charming, while I am like a rocket, with little patience and stressing over small things. Guess nobody is perfect but we embrace each others flaws. We are not just a couple but also best friends, soulmates and travel buddies. We both like to play pranks and make stupid jokes and I know there is nobody I would laugh with as much as I do Trevor. We will be there for each other always and forever!”

“Last October we had decided to go to Bali for the first time on a mini getaway. After a morning of yoga and after an afternoon swim, Trevor suggested we take a walk along the beach and to watch the sunset together.  By the time the beautiful warm summer sun was setting, he suddenly held me tight and grabbed my hands firmly.  We looked at each other, I felt a little suspicious he seemed nervous. I took his hand and at that moment I felt a ring in the palm of his hand, thats when he asked the magic question. “Will you marry me?” I was so surprised and with tears in my eyes I said “Yes”! I was so happy.
I felt so touched and loved at the same time, I know we love each other very much and Trevor is the guy for me, so in my mind there was no doubt that the answer would be yes. It is not about how fancy the proposal is or how big the diamond is, it is the effort he made and his commitment to our journey ahead of us.  This made another unforgettable and remarkable memory in our chapter together.  We will continue to cherish each other every single day.”





Photographer: Claire Morris Photography  | Hair/Makeup Artist: Jane Emmerson  |Hotel details: Shangri-la Paris | Headband: Jennifer Behr  |Earrings: Anabela Chan | Engagement ring: Harry Winston | Wedding bands: Harry Winston | Ring Box: The Mrs Box | Florist bouquet details: Lily Paloma  | Groom Shoes & Suit : Giorgio Armani  | Bride Shoes: Jimmy Choo  | Brides dresses: Vera Wang: “Octavia’ (Eiffel Tower)
Costerallos: ’Polka Dot Guipure’ Beyond The Dress (Tulleries gardens) | Odylyne The Ceremony: “Icarus’ (Louvre)