Our Friday Faves: Topics That Are Trending Now

Brianna Kozlarek / Friday April 5, 2019

Congratulations –we’ve made it to Friday, babes! Pat yourself on the back and get ready for a well-deserved pour of rosé. Friday is always our favorite day for random articles that are trending now and general fact-finding. Why?

Because TBH after 1pm on a Friday who actually wants to do any work?

Plus, we love a good procrastination sesh and nothing is a better resource for procrastination than Instagram. But if you’ve watched every story and need a break from Diff eyewear and flat tummy teas (insert eye-roll), here’s 10 things trending now this week that you should def check out. And bonus- these Friday faves will make for interesting conversation starters at happy hour!

Positano, Italy is one of the top travel destinations trending now.
Image via Hand Luggage Only

1.) Dressing by Destination: What to Wear in the Top 5 Summer Vacation Spots

This handy slideshow from Vogue gives you quick outfit inspo for summer vacay, and it’s inspiring our travel plans. Whether you’re traveling internationally to romantic Italy or slipping away for a weekend retreat in Montauk, this collection outfits for top vacation spots trending now is a must see.

2.) The book we absolutely cannot put down – a perfect beach read

If the Gossip Girl series of our younger years met Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl and had a deeply twisted but charming love child, it would be Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton. This thriller is soaring to the top of charts like Refinery29, Goodreads and more, and we promise you won’t be able to put it down.

3.)  Common decorating mistakes that cheapen your home.

We suddenly feel a little insecure about our decorating — excuse us while we run through this checklist and chuck our trendy storebought art real quick… just kidding. Storebought art? Didn’t we just get done telling you about our five fave tips to refresh your living room decor?

4.) Kunbi’s tips on how to throw the perfect dinner party 

Ugh, we long to be the hostess with the mostest, but it is a fine art! Check out our editor Kunbi’s tips for throwing a kick-ass dinner party. We couldn’t read it fast enough!

5.) It’s annual review time. How to get paid what you’re worth.

Negotiating a salary is one of our least favorite tasks, but it’s so necessary to raise your voice — and your pay! Here’s an excellent article from goop on how to do just that.

6.) What art galleries to see in NY right now

Are you even living in New York if you’re not soaking up the culture, the music, and the art? Here’s a great read from the New York Times on must-see art galleries that are trending now.

7.) Dying to try out this Spring Pasta Carbonara Recipe

Is it pasta? We’ll take it. This classic pasta carbonara dish with a trendy spring twist is on our list of dishes to make, like, yesterday.

8.) How to plan an outfit around your swimsuit (seriously)

It’s all fun and games until you’re at a pool party caught unprepared. Here’s how to stay chic and stylish in all elements, including a pool. With summer fun just around the corner, these outfit plans and pieces are totally trending.

9.) The sleepy topic that’s trending now — Do you have good sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene is just as important as dental and skin hygiene, don’t @ us! Sleep is something we continually ignore in our culture, and even sometimes take a perverse pride in how little we get! Catch up on your zzz’s and your overall health with these quick tips from Into the Gloss. Sleep hygiene is a much-talked-about topic trending now, so this is a great piece to inspire your next dinner-and-drinks convo! (Hey, shouldn’t you be in bed?)

10.) How to recover from a month of overspending (We feel attacked)

Okay, it happens to the best of us. Breathe deep and launch into action to get your financial health back on track with this article from The EveryMom.