8 Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Perfete / Friday April 24, 2020


Quarantine date night ideas

As an introvert, I can get used to some things about this quarantine life we’re living right now.  Vacation postponed? Sucks, but I’m just saving toward an even more fabulous one. Can’t see friends? Also super lame, and I need all the hugs, but ZOOM and FaceTime calls are actually really filling that void for me right now. The one thing though that I could sorely use? A romantic night out with my husband. There is truly nothing I love more than putting on some music, pouring a nice glass of red and getting all glammed up for an evening out. I truly miss sitting in our favorite little candlelit Italian restaurant sharing delicious food, wine and conversation. I need some damn romance! However, the reality of it is we won’t be heading out to eat anytime soon, and I need to mix up our nightly routine of zoning out in front of whatever Netflix has to offer. If you’re like me and are desperate for some creative ideas to spice up your life, here’s 7 date night quarantine ideas  you can do this weekend:

1.) Around-the-World Takeout

Order an appetizer from one restaurant, 1-2 entrees from 2 different restaurants, and a dessert from another. Not only does it allow you to help support your local restaurants that you love during this time, you also get to go on a mini world tour without the hopping on a flight, and It’s the best way to get a little bit of everything when you can’t decide what to have for dinner! We recommend changing out of PJ’s and doing a little bit of glam to make it extra special, and doing a different playlist for each course! If you can source cocktails or wine from each region, even better!

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2.) Game Night or.. Puzzle Tournament

Ok hear me out – my family member sent me a puzzle last week and I gave it the side eye for three days. I’ve never completed a puzzle as an adult and you guys…it is addicting! Add some competition and it gets even better. Set up plenty of space for the both of you to solve two puzzles with the same number of pieces or same level of difficulty. Set a time for each of you to complete one puzzle and a fun incentive, whoever finishes, or completes majority of the puzzle before time is up wins! If puzzles aren’t your jam, you can play another game or tournament like trivia or sexy spades!

3.) Sip n’ Paint Night

This is a creative two-in-one! First step, grab your favorite bottle of wine or whip up your favorite cocktail. Next up grab your paint sets (this one on Amazon looks good), bonus if you get matching aprons. Then set up a space for a fun painting sesh! A fun way to add a creative twist could be to try and paint a portrait of each other, and have a good laugh at your S.O.’s artistic abilities. Who knows… maybe you’re living with a modern day Da Vinci and you didn’t even know it! Alternatively, you can pick a special home project to do together. Nothing says I love you like getting shxt done!

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4.) In-home cooking class

If you’re into cooking, this is a really fun one. Think a la the show Chopped. Both of you pick out 3 ingredients from the fridge or pantry without showing the other, and then figure out how to make something with the 6 ingredients you have collectively! The more creative, the better. No cheating with ingredient apps. You can also challenge yourselves to each make something unique with the ingredient list and then do a taste test competition.

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5.) At-home Dance Party

For all you concert-going couples, find your favorite music documentary, or one of your favorite artist’s live performances and relive your favorite concert experience from the comfort of your own home! I had the TIME of my life during the Babyface versus Teddy Riley insta-live special and if you haven’t seen the Global Citizen concert fundraiser for the WHO that was on last week, we highly recommend it! It’s got literally all of the world’s biggest acts and is for a great cause. Don’t forget about all the delicious concession stand snacks for the complete experience.

6.) Road trip*

If there are two things we took for granted before this pandemic, it’s fresh air & golden hour! Now we know that we should all be #ShelteringInPlace as much as possible, so we are definitely not suggesting going into public, or visiting and public beaches or parks.  Go on a short drive and find a spot to park to watch the sunset in your car, or go star gazing from the comfort of your vehicle (works perfectly if you have a sunroof!). Pack a little picnic, turn on your favorite radio station, and enjoy a new viewpoint– Be Inspired PR

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7.) Netflix & Chow!

Not sure what to do? How about turning Netflix n Chill into Netflix and Chow with actual FOOD! Order something yummy from your favorite restaurant and snuggle up with bae to watch a feel-good movie. We’re all majorly binging right now so finding something good to watch shouldn’t be a chore.

8.) Anniversary Celebration

For those of you who have an anniversary coming up, or a wedding date that had to get postponed, dress up and celebrate the wedding date, or anniversary date you had planned. Don’t wear your wedding gown and tux just yet… but you can still get dressed up in an elegant dress for her and a nice suit for him. Celebrate with a dinner at home, eat cake, take fun photos dressed up, practice your wedding dance and make the day something special that you’ll still want to remember every year. If you can’t get out to get a nice suit for the occasion, just head over to generationtux.com to rent the perfect suit for your private celebration. – Matt Ramirez, Senior VP of Marketing at Generation Tux

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