Introducing #PrettyPerfectPartner TwoTwenty Photography

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday March 1, 2016

East Coast Wedding Photographer TwoTwenty

Today we are very excited to introduce you to one of our newest #PrettyPerfectPartners, New York wedding and lifestyle photographer Chi-Chi Agbim of TwoTwenty. Chi-Chi is an art fanatic, a dreamer and a hopeful romantic with a photo journalistic/documentary style. Chi-Chi is constantly keeping an eye out for the delicate details, special moments and all the emotion during an event. Her main goal is to capture heart and soul; to document the unique mood and all the elements, both big and small, that tell a full story. We sat down with Chi-Chi to get to know a little bit more about her and TwoTwenty:

1.) Describe your style and aesthetic: my style is photo journalistic/documentary.

I’ll admit, I’m a hoarder of memories. I’ve been keeping a journal for 20 years, so I’m naturally drawn to the art of documenting stories through photography.

East Coast Wedding Photographer TwoTwenty

2.) What inspired you to work in the wedding industry?

It’s the hopeful romantic in me. The best thing about weddings is that there is just so much love in the atmosphere. What could be better than that?

wedding bouquet_ twotwenty photography

3.) What is your favorite thing about wedding photography?

Being able to watch a love story and capturing the little details that create the unique mood of the wedding.

New York wedding photographer TwoTwenty

4.) When you’re not working your day (and night!) job, what do you love to do?

I’m exploring – checking out live music shows, poetry shows, museum exhibits and any artistic activity the city has to offer; I’m eating – I never say no to getting together for food; and I’m watching movies.


5.) If you could travel to any destination right now, where would it be?

Venice, Italy


6.)What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Currently, it’s John Mayer’s music and writing.


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