7 Unconventional but Delicious Food to Have at Your Wedding

Brianna Kozlarek / Friday June 22, 2018

Planning your wedding is a big deal, even if you have a professional planner there to help you every step of the way. You’ll find yourself constantly finding new things you have to make decisions about that you didn’t even realize existed. From how you set the reception tables to the music that plays while people wait for the ceremony to begin, there’s always something to think about. Especially when it comes to what you’ll serve your guests after you say I do.

Everyone knows that you go to a wedding to support the people getting married, but you stay for the food at the reception. By the time everyone makes it for your post-ceremony meal, they’re going to be ready to grab their food and start chowing down. You want to pick options that will make sure that everyone has something to eat, while still being foods you love. It’s your big day, after all!

Don’t feel like you have to compromise your food options and your budget to make this possible. Read on for some unconventional but delicious foods you can serve at your wedding. They’ll easily be a crowd favorite and they could save you money. Anything that keeps some cash in your pocket and can served up in an Instagram worthy style is worth planning for.

1.) Waffle Bites

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You don’t typically see breakfast foods served at weddings, but it could be what makes some of your biggest memories. Who doesn’t enjoy a warm plate of breakfast food? It can be served as any meal, so play it up and make sure that waffle bites make your menu. Mini bites of waffle that can be dipped in syrup would be the perfect finger food for those who are waiting for the main meal to be served or who want a little something extra to snack on.

2.) Mini Sausage Rolls

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Wedding food is all about giving people something delicious to eat without much prep or clean up. Mini sausage rolls fit right in with that. They’re easy to make so you can even whip them up the night before if you’re having a smaller wedding where you’re handling most of the baking. Present them with jams and sauces for guests to choose from and they’ll clear the serving plate in no time.

3.) Cotton Candy

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Even if you’ve never been to a wedding, you’ve probably seen a wedding on TV or in the movies that had lots of dessert options and probably a chocolate fountain. Carve your own way into the dessert world by offering your guests cotton candy instead. Everyone from kids to adults will love it, and it could save you money by being unconventional. No need to hand over a bunch of cash for a chocolate fountain you don’t get to keep if you offer something like fun wisps of cotton candy.

4.) Pizza Bar


The idea of having a food bar instead of individual dishes served to wedding guests is becoming more popular because it’s so much more affordable. There’s no better way to treat your guests than with a pizza bar. You can have premade dough ready and lots of toppings for people to choose from. Everyone will get to make what they want without you having to pay for an endless variety of dishes for people to pick from off a menu.

5.) Popcorn Packs


Popcorn packs are another idea if you want to make the food ahead of time and have less to worry about on your big day. You can make them yourself in just minutes and customize the packs to be decorated however you want. They’ll add to the theme of the reception and leftovers can be given to guests as they head home. Or you could keep them and use them as treats on your next movie night date with your new spouse.

6.) S’mores Station


Maybe you have an outdoorsy theme for you wedding so you’re having your reception take place somewhere that guests can have easy access to stepping outside so they can relax under the stars. Does your venue have a fire pit? If so, you might want to consider making a s’mores station. They’re a special treat that’s all about fun, so they’d be perfect for a night of celebrating with your loved ones.

7.) Snow Cones

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Your wedding might be just around the corner, and if that’s the case, you have something else you need to think about. Summer weddings mean that guests will be sweating it out, even if you’re indoors. The more people that are in a room, the hotter it will get, especially when the sun is beaming down on the building. They’ll be looking for something to help them cool down, like a delicious snow cone! The ice and syrup will be cheap with nothing but paper cups to clean up when everyone goes home.


Everyone has different expectations of what they’re going to eat when they go to a wedding. Some people want food that’s more home styled, while others think it’s an occasion to serve the fanciest foods. It really comes down to what your budget can make happen in the kitchen, and for a lot of brides, that can feel like not a whole lot. If you’re stuck trying to decide what to serve at your wedding, try thinking about unconventional foods that might go with the overall vibe you want your day to have.

A s’mores pit would create an opportunity for guests to have fun and get a little messy, while something like waffle bites would be an adorable appetizer that people could post on social media. Match your theme with what foods you want to serve, and then see if any of it can be made unconventional. You’ll end up saving money by going a nontraditional route because it’s all about you and what you want to do. See what crazy foods you can come up with and have fun imagining it all, then get ready to eat!


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