Creating a Cohesive Wedding Theme

Kunbi O / Friday March 6, 2015

Spring Wedding Theme

One of the first things just about every bride does upon getting engaged is run out and grab the latest bridal magazine on the stands. With pages of ideas for dresses, colors, seasons, and rings, creating a cohesive wedding theme can be a bit overwhelming. Plus, nowadays themes can include a variety of ideas pulled into one major statement, which adds to the difficulty of keeping it all together. Whether you choose just two wedding colors or five, and a singular theme idea or a few tied into one, focusing on key points will help keep your wedding vision on track.

Lavender and Daisies Flower Crown
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As the spring season approaches, soft palettes and feminine details are showing up in a variety of theme styles. This is a lovely time of year for rustic style weddings, and a great opportunity to integrate simple spring flowers like daisies, lavender, and baby’s breath. Seasonal inspiration is always a great way to solidify your wedding theme, and helps with color choices, too. A rustic spring wedding theme is perfectly complemented with a yellow, grey and lavender purple palette.

september flower and lavender bouquuet

The specific shades of the flowers you choose will help in keeping the colors of everything else cohesive. Match yellow bridesmaids dresses to the shade of yellow in the center of the daisies, and lavender decor to the hue of its namesake flower. Bring a few blooms with you when you head out to do wedding errands, or take some snapshots in natural light when you visit your florist. After the bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen’s tuxedos or suits are chosen, then you can ask for a swatch of the fabric, which makes matching even easier.

Yellow Bridesmaids
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Take your fabric swatches everywhere from here on out. To your cake baker, calligrapher, caterer, and even the officiant. The type of fabric and color are helpful in selecting table linens from your caterer. If they don’t offer a color that fits the bill, opt for a white table cloth and grab some fabric from your local craft store that can easily be cut into rectangular table runners. Make sure if you go for a patterned fabric that it either sets the tone or already fits with the graphics chosen for the invitations.

Daisy Yellow and Grey Wedding Invitation Set
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Going for floral themed invitations gives guests a sneak preview of what’s to come. They are sure to be in awe of the gorgeous spring wildflowers when arriving at your wedding. Invitations that have nothing to do with the actual wedding except for the colors are less personalized to your overall theme. Continue the floral details with sugar or real flowers on a simplistic cake design — or cupcakes and other treats. Guests will feel like they’ve walked into an ethereal spring garden.

Gail Watson via Martha Stewart Weddings

No matter which wedding theme you choose, whether it be quirky or classic, just make sure it speaks to you as a couple. A theme and colors with meaning behind them helps keep your ideas at the forefront of your mind as wedding tasks mount and schedules get hectic. Take inspiration from the season, your home, and the things you love together as a couple. Pick a few different types of flowers, and do not variate. Find your colors and stick with them for everything from clothing to cakes and stationary. You’ll be thrilled when the photos from your wedding day look like they came out of a magazine!

Three Nails Photography via Style Me Pretty
Three Nails Photography via Style Me Pretty