Stylish and Socially Distanced I Do: An Elysian Wedding by FTK Konnect

Perfete / Wednesday July 8, 2020

We’ve been sharing a lot of thoughts and ideas on what weddings will look like post-COVID. Whether you’re newly engaged or have had to postpone your original plans, there is so much to consider, from adding livestreams, social distancing, masks and more. International event planner FTK Konnect put together this gorgeous socially distanced wedding inspiration shoot to show how weddings can still be stunning and safe:

“The pandemic took us all by surprise and for the first couple of weeks after the nationwide shut down – I would wake up in disbelief at the news of covid19 daily and how quickly it was spreading,” said Feyikemi Kukoyi of FTK Konnect. “It started to dawn on me that events and weddings planned for Spring/Summer of 2020 were not going to be happening almost about a month into the global isolation period. Alas, we were truly experiencing unprecedented times and while I continued to renew my faith that all would be well soon, I also had to be realistic with our clients that their Spring & Summer events had to be postponed.”

“In the third month of “national stay home due to the pandemic” I started to think of how to help our current clients and potential clients to visualize their BIG day during our new normal. COVID-19 may not be eradicated as quickly as we want but celebration(s) would not be halted either so the earlier we start to find ways around enjoying events again during this new normal the better we would be able to fine tune and work out the kinks. An Elysian Wedding was born out of the desire to show a visual depiction of how engaged couples as well as their vendors can social distance yet have a successful wedding. “An Elysian Wedding” can be translated in Greek as having a Heaven on Earth Wedding. My team and I collaborated with some amazing vendors to simulate an actual wedding. We started off as we would normally do with hair and make up stylist dolling our model bride up – while we had the groom’s outfit designer dress him up.”
“Our models were both pampered and dolled up in the glam room and moved from there to our beautiful ceremony set where Actor/Publisher – Stella Damasus was awaiting their arrival via zoom. The couple got married via Zoom and it was such a beautiful sight to behold – vendors who had set up with us earlier in the day were encouraged to attend the lovely wedding as guests in black attire to further emphasize the social distancing wedding seating arrangement. My goal when I came up with this theme, color palette and styled shoot was to put a smile on engaged couple’s faces, show this as a beacon of hope that lush wedding ceremonies can still happen in a social distancing world where few friends and family can celebrate in person while others enjoy from anywhere else in the world via various social media platforms.”