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Brianna Kozlarek / Thursday December 10, 2015

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We’re less than six months out from our Virginia Beach wedding. Less than six months. Virginia Beach wedding…and I live in Atlanta. Planning an out of town wedding definitely presents its challenges. I’m not there to see things in person, talk to people face-to-face. However; we’ve still managed to maintain this process and check items off our check list as quickly as possible. Although we are moving along, we aren’t doing it alone. So, I wanted to share some tips that should help other out of town brides the way they have helped me.

1.) Strongly consider hiring a wedding planner.

Now I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you hiring our wedding planner, Michele Carrizales from MorLina Events has helped me significantly! She has helped me streamline my thoughts and helped me stay on track of things that need to be accomplished that month. It’s easy to say, “Hey, I have friends and family who can help me do that,” but friends and families have lives, too. Sometimes it’s too much to expect them to juggle their careers, personal lives, taking care of kids, maintaining their routine…and oh, yeah, keeping you on track for your wedding. A wedding planner is hired to do just that – plan your wedding! These planners come from a planning background and have years of experience. With Michele’s contacts, we’ve been able to cut costs, too. Sorry – your family probably can’t do that for you. Having a wedding planner has cut down on a lot of the research for us. Being out of town, there’s nothing better you can ask for.


2.) Rely on people you trust.

So, here’s where friends and family come in. Working with a wedding planner does wonders to take stress of your plate, however; you still need to have people involved in the decision making process who know you. This is where your bridal party or close friends and family play a part. Let them take an active part in the planning by visiting vendors. This can be done with or without your planner. Be sure to speak to them ahead of time so they know your vision and can share that with the vendor. People who love you want nothing more than to make sure you get exactly what you want. Because they know you, there are personal touches they can probably recommend or questions they know to ask based on your personality that your planner might not know to ask.


3.) Use technology.

Oh, I see no problem Facetiming into a bridal show that my mom and sister are attending or Skyping into an appointment with a photographer. Hey, I like what I like and I want to make sure what these vendors offer work with the vision for our wedding. Using video technology also makes you feel like you are there when you aren’t, and it’s the closest thing to getting a feel for your potential vendor’s personality without actually meeting them in person. People tend to look great on paper or online. The real test is that face-to-face, or in my case Face-to-Facetime.


4.) Do your research.

I mean, whether you’re getting married across the street or across the country, it’s always smart to do your research. Sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire are always good go-to sites. I use them for two separate purposes. I go to The Know when I have questions about etiquette or need gift ideas, stuff like that. I go to Wedding Wire to actually research vendors, get recommendations and reviews. These sites are great, but don’t forget to rely on those close to you who have already gone through the process. Friends and family who have already planned a wedding can definitely give you some referrals and share with you what worked for them and what didn’t.


5.) Lastly, have patience.

It definitely sucks not being in Virginia. I can’t just pop up on places, check out locations at my leisure or plan appointments on short notice. We will be taking vacation soon and will be cramming in time to visit vendors. Although I wish we could space things out, this is the best we can do. Right now, at this moment as I’m writing this blog post, my venue and all things wedding, are nine and a half hours away. Patience is all I have, lol! So try your best not to get flustered or upset and trust the people on your team. Everything will work out for the best.

Are you planning or have you planned an out-of-town wedding? Share your tips!

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