Engagement 101: Traditional Role(s) of the Bridal Party

Kunbi O / Friday March 15, 2013
Aisle Perfect: Lauren + Adam
Thank GOD it’s FRIDAY! For all the future bridesmaids and groomsmen out there, here’s the perfect how-to guide!

  • Hosts the Bridal Shower and Plans the Bachelorette
  • Full attendance to all pre-wedding events. Prepare your pockets!
  • Be the soundboard for all the bride’s ideas – yes this is life
  • Be somewhat of an assistant to the bride especially at the wedding rehearsal when there are important things to remember for the big day.
  • In charge of coordinating bridesmaids in selecting attire , coordinating fittings and pickup of dresses.
  • The MOH is the Chief Bridesmaid. She stays on top of the bridesmaids and makes sure they have all their accessories and bouquets ready to go.
  • Hold the bouquet during the ceremony and assists bride with dress and veil adjustments before, during and after the ceremony.
  • She holds the groom’s ring until the bride needs it during the ceremony. 
  • Signs the Marriage License as a witness
  • Following the ceremony she sometimes stands next to the groom in the receiving line. 
  • Helps the bride with her dress through out the day including assisting her with the bustle. 
  • Gives a Toast! 
  • Arrange for bride’s gown to be packed and sent to dry cleaner after the wedding. The happy bride will totally black out on this so you have to be on top of it.
What She Pays for:
  • Her outfit (dress, shoes, accessories)
  • Bridal Shower and Bachelorette thrown by the bridal party
  • Shower and wedding gifts for the couple 
  • Assist the MOH with planning the shower and bachelorette
  • Contribute to one group gift for the bride from her maids
  • Assist the Bride with pre-wedding planning by inquiring about her plans and offering their assistance where they can- happy bride, happy bridesmaids!
  • attend or involve themselves with pre-wedding events 
  • help prepare welcome bags and favors 
What They Pay for: 
  • Their outfits (dress, shoe, accessories)
  • Bridal Shower and Bachelorette thrown by the bridal party
  • Gifts for the couple (shower and wedding)
  • Plan and host the bachelor party for the groom
  • Help the groom dress up on the day.
  • Signing the marriage license as an official witness and gives the payment. 
  • Makes sure the groom has transportation to the ceremony and reception. 
  • He may help the groom finish packing for the honeymoon.  i.e. Put the couple’s luggage into the car and arranges transportation for them to the honeymoon following the reception. 
  • Checks up on honeymoon tickets and reservations
  •  Attends all pre-wedding events
  • Rides with the groom to the wedding 
  •  He holds the bride’s ring until the groom needs it during the ceremony. 
  • The best man gives a toast to the couple at the reception 
  • Often the best man takes charge of collecting all the tuxedos for return to the rental shop. 
Groomsmen and Ushers:

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  •  In reality groomsmen are supposed to be ushers. They should show up an hour early to the ceremony and seat guests as they arrive. 
  •  They attend all pre-wedding parties, the rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner. 
  •  They may decorate the pews or chairs for the ceremony and hand out programs. 
  •  They may walk the mothers of the bride and groom down the aisle
  •  They escort the bridesmaids down the aisle for the processional and recessional. 
  • Make sure guests know where they’re going after the ceremony and help move everyone out of the church
What They Pay for: 
  • Wedding Attire 
  • Plan and pay for the bachelor party 
  •  A wedding gift for the couple – please!

side note:  Is it just me or do the groomsmen have it easy?

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