The Foolproof Guide to Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Kunbi O / Tuesday September 19, 2017

Preparing your own wedding vows can be the most romantic thing ever, it also can be the most nerve-wracking. To help you get your words right, the kind folks at  NST Pictures shared this foolproof guide to writing your own wedding vows. {image by Erika Layne}

From NST:

As experts, couples often ask us: How can we personalize our wedding video? One way to make your wedding video unique is to write your own vows. The editor can then use the audio from your vows to set the tone of the film and give the entire piece a playful or sentimental vibe.

So how do you get started? Here’s a no-fail strategy to writing wedding vows that will not only wow your future spouse, but also give you the wedding video of your dreams.

           1. Start early.

Remember the stress of staying up late, cramming for a test the night before? That is not how you want to spend the night (or hours!) before you say, “I do.” Start writing at least three weeks before your wedding to give yourself time to be thorough and thoughtful.

           2. Write them down.

Nothing like coming up with some amazing things to say and totally blanking in front of your fiancé, family and friends. Use a pocket notebook or cute vow booklet.  Nothing says, “I scribbled this down 10 minutes ago” more than a wadded up piece of hotel paper.

Anne Marie & Sean – Trailer Film (Lite) :: NST Pictures New York Wedding Videographer from NST Pictures on Vimeo.

          3. Write in your own words.

If you don’t usually speak in Shakespearian prose, this is not the time to start. The point is to connect with your future spouse, so be candid and be yourself. The exception: saying something sentimental even if you’re normally a jokester. If there was one time in your life to get mushy, this is it!

Groom Reads Vows Tearfully from Chip Dizard on Vimeo.

          4. Start with a quote or story if you’re stuck.

Find inspiration from one of your first or favorite memories of your fiancé. Tell him or her about the moment you knew you’d spend the rest of your lives together and then go into what you see in your future. If you’re not much of a writer or not used to putting yourself out there, look up some quotes on love and elaborate on how they apply to your relationship or fiancé.

Rachel & Joshua – Trailer Film (Standard) :: NST Pictures Guastavino’s Wedding Video from NST Pictures on Vimeo.

          5. Practice

Read aloud, reread and read again. Get as close to memorization as possible. When you get to the altar, you won’t be focused on reading what’s on the page. Instead, you’ll be able to let the words roll off your tongue with sincerity that everyone in the room can feel.

Need help getting into the right mind to write your wedding vows? Check out what Hillary and Scott had to say to each other at the altar in their wedding film below.

Hillary & Scott – Trailer Film (Premium) :: NST Pictures New England Wedding Videography from NST Pictures on Vimeo.