6 Life-Saving Items to Pack for the Wedding Day

Kunbi O / Monday February 26, 2018

Most brides are familiar with bridal emergency kits and the standard items you should plan on having nearby on the wedding day- safety pins, sewing kits, baby wipes, gum, lots of bobby pins… the list goes on.

However, there are some lesser known items that turn into absolute life-savers on the big day during problems you may not even have thought about! We’ve got a list of must-haves to include in your wedding day kit, and trust us… you’ll be thanking us later.


  1. Solemates Clear Heel Protectors

These little heel protectors are a serious saving grace. They come in three sizes to fit everything from a wide heel to a stiletto, and they prevent your heel from sinking into the grass during photos. Trust us, you don’t want the camera to capture you falling over when your heel spikes into the turf! Just slip these onto the end of your heels and you’ll be picture-perfect in just minutes.


  1. Blotting Sheets for Oily Skin

Highlight and strobing is very in right now, but sweat and oil on your face during photos is not! Before it’s time for a formal photo session or any part of the big day where all eyes are on you, grab a mini pack of oil blotting tissues and dab on your t-zone, chin and cheeks to keep your makeup flawless.


  1. Double Sided Cleavage Tape
Pinkerton Photography

 Let’s be very frank here. If you plan on wearing a strapless dress on your big day, some well-placed double-sided tape will be a necessity. Within our team, we’ve seen a batch of photos a photographer sent over to be included in a blog post that had…  a little more detail than necessary.

One truly tiny bride wore a gorgeous strapless mermaid gown that didn’t appear as tailored to her shape up top as it could have been. The resulting photos of the bouquet toss and her dancing happily on the floor at the reception? Definitely NSFW. Just use the tape.

  1. Ballet Slippers or Flats
Kate Spade

Your feet won’t get much of a rest for the ceremony and pictures, but one of our favorite tips is to have your coordinator or a friend hide slippers or flats under the head table before the reception starts. That way, when the grand entrance and the first dance is over, you can subtly kick off your heels without anyone being the wiser for a much-needed breather. Make sure you slide your heels back on in time for the garter toss, since your shoes will clearly show in the photo and video!

  1. A Puffy Eye Treatment
via Nowloss

You are fooling yourself thinking you’re going to get a good night’s sleep the day before your wedding! Between hanging out with friends and family and tossing and turning the night before, it’s natural for most brides to wake up with some serious bags under their eyes. Give your makeup artist a head start by making sure you pack metal spoons to stick in the freezer, or green tea bags to steep for 3 minutes. Setting either on your eyes for a few minutes will decrease swelling immediately, and you’ll look awake and refreshed in time for the big day.