Wedding Registry Cheat Sheet: Must Haves For Your List

Kunbi O / Wednesday September 18, 2013
I have to admit, picking gifts for our wedding registry was my least favorite wedding planning chore. Having to come up with a list of reasonable and usable gifts was so stressful especially since we live in an apartment and not a house (space is a huge issue).  If you’re like me and just want a simple and easy list of the essentials. Here you go! 

1. Pots & Pans: The most important investment piece in your kitchen. Good pots get better with time. Okay not really, but they’re supposed to last forever so choose carefully. 
2. Dishes: Experts say you need two sets- Fine China and Casual. Now that youre married, chances are you’ll take on some of the hosting responsibilities in your family (Thanksgiving, Christmas and the lot) so make sure you have enough to entertain.
3. Drinkware: As cute as those mismatched teacups and glasses you’ve had since college are, it’s time to move on. Please.
4. Silverware: Go ahead, upgrade your silverware. Fancy plates need fancy silverware right ?
5. Kitchen Knives. The criminal defense attorney in me is dying to crack a joke here, but you know- no. 
6. Electric Mixer– Another important investment piece. Chances are you’ll need to bake one day (especially if you plan on expanding your clan). You might as well save your self the money now.
7. Serving bowls: Because Tupperware doesn’t count.
8.. Electric Drill and Tool Set: Things happen, you can fix them.
9. Storage Containers: I know I’m not the only one who runs out of this weekly. Storage containers are super essential ladies. 
10. Towel Set– Time to upgrade from the ratty old towels you had in college. You’re getting married- be cool!
11. Bedding– Christen your marital bed with fresh sheets *wink* 
12. Vacuum Cleaner– Another investment piece that gets a whole lot of use. Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, you need a vacuum cleaner. Simple!
13. Picture Frames– Add as many as you can… What are all those awkward wedding poses for?
14. Gift Cards– Quite possibly the most important addition. Buy what you want, when you want
Pin this, Download the Image, Write it down. It will save you a whole lot of mental stress.