10 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Groom

Kunbi O / Tuesday October 27, 2015

Groom Gift Ideas

At Aisle Perfect, we’ve talked to you a lot about a bride’s perspective. But today, we’re shifting gears and focusing on the groom! I mean, with women… we’re easy to shop for! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? The men in our lives tend to be a bit more difficult to shop for.

The groom, whether he be your best friend, relative, brother, son, whatever the case, is getting married. This is such an exciting time. He’s getting married to the love of his life, what more does he need? Well, we’ve rounded up 10 suggestions for what to gift to groom, because he definitely shouldn’t be overlooked! We have customized watches, too cool for school sunglasses, and yes… even a candle. Guys, don’t even pretend you don’t love candles as much as we do. The theme behind these suggestions is to make the groom feel even more awesome as a soon-to-be married man than he did when he was single and mingling.

These are our 10 wedding gift ideas for the groom!

1. Customized Watch


2. Personalized Tie Clip


3. Hand Embroidered Tie Patch


4. City Skyline Soy Candle


5. ‘Fusion Chrome Power Shave’ Collection


Grooming Kit Groomsmen Gift

6. Ray-Ban ‘New Wayfarer’ Sunglasses

7. Tom Ford ‘Tuscan Leather ‘ Eau de Parfum


8. David Donahue Gold & Silver Cuff Links

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 5.36.14 PM

9. David Donahue Inlaid Cuff Link & Stud Set 

Groomsmen gifts- stud cufflinks

10. Martin Dingman Alligator Card Case

Groomsmen gifts


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