15 Pretty Perfect Newlywed Gifts

Kunbi O / Friday February 5, 2016

Perfect Newlywed Gifts

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most memorable times in a couple’s life and increasingly at weddings, we see more couples letting their individuality and personality shine. With this cultural change, I doubt that anyone wants to be caught dead giving the newlyweds a gift that would be destined for the shadows of storage for God knows how long or a gift that will be the first to be given to charity or re-gifted when trying to de-clutter the house. I know I would not.

It is very important for the wedding guest to consider the taste of the couple when selecting the right gift; think outside the box (although this can sometimes be difficult) and then select a memorable gift.  The great folks at The Wish Hub, have come up with 15 pretty perfect gifts that will definitely make the couple say “WE DO”.



Waffle Weave Robe | Mr & Mrs Coffee Mugs | Trunkster Suitcase (built-in GPS & digital scale, USB charging port and zipperless entry) | Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Photo Frame Set | 4-in-1-Server | Porter Bar Cart | Storage Ottoman | Wine Decanter | Wine Tumblers | Cheese Board | Rose Gold 5 Piece Place Setting | Napkin Ring


Recently launched, The Wish Hub is an inspirational gift hub that spans the life of the modern day newly wed – pre/post wedding, birthdays, housewarming, anniversaries etc.  It is a platform to show interesting, unique and cool things that catch my eye, with the hope that you get inspired and find the perfect gift for that special someone.

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