A Special Announcement

Kunbi O / Saturday April 3, 2021

Happy Saturday friends! It’s been a while since I did one of these Editor’s notes, actually I think the last time was when Aisle Perfect became Perfete in January of 2019… wow! Anyway, the time has come for another one but first, let’s look back a little.

I started this blog/website/publication almost a decade ago as a newly-engaged 25 year old with lots of ideas and no clue on where to start. For the entire year, my readers consisted of my closest friends (and some twitter friends haha) and a few sweet people who found what I was sharing useful and I guess.. engaging lol.

Fast forward a couple of years and Aisle Perfect had become this huge machine of stylish wedding inspiration centered around two things- love and detail. I am still so proud of what I built. SO proud. Then sometime in 2016, my vision for AP began to shift and for two years I tried to properly envision what an ideal inspiration resource looked like.. beyond weddings. This is why and how Perfete was born. I believe strongly in celebrating life exactly where you are- whether it’s a new year, new home, new job or even JUST BECAUSE. Life is hard and finite, so celebrate dammit! lol Okay now back to my point and the reason for this note…

Image by SYPhotography

It’s been just about two years since we launched Perfete (one year if you don’t count the non-existent 2020 lol) and we tried out a few new features, in-person events, a podcast, etc. but something was still missing. After a lot of thought and a very kismet discovery, I figured it out and it’s the reason for this announcement.

Friends, I am so excited to announce that today I am stepping down as Editor in Chief of Perfete and proudly passing the reins to a new, amazing and incredibly creative human – Ms. Feyi Bello. Like, I’m literally tearing up as I type this because it’s something I’ve been praying about and Feyi has done me the greatest honor of accepting. I am so excited to see what Perfete looks like under Feyi’s leadership. We share the same vision of a celebrated life and she’s a phenomenal and needed voice, so I have no doubt of her success. Soooo to our loyal friends and audience, thank you for everything and I would love for you to welcome Feyi in to the Perfete tribe and show her as much support as you have shown me over the years… ooh also it’s her birthday, so Happy birthday Feyi! you can take it from here. wink

Editor’s Note …

It is an enormous honour to be taking over from Kunbi. She is an icon and a legend and what she created with Aisle Perfect and now Perfete will forever be etched in the Hall of Fame of online publications. I am eternally grateful for the inspiration and the stories over the years.  A true education into the beauty and elegance of weddings and events. Kunbi is leaving me some huge shoes to fill and I am so excited for the journey ahead.

With the world changing before us, things that seemed so certain are almost nonexistent. The onus is on us to decide what kind of attitude we are going to have about it. There is a great heaviness and darkness over the world and while it’s easy to sink into the melancholia of it all, I am of the school of thought that the only way to survive this season is to keep choosing joy.

Image by Bolaji Odukoya photography

And that is what I hope to create with my Perfete family – a reimagined idea of celebration in a post-COVID19 world. Elaborate birthday parties and weddings might be on their way out (only for a while, we hope) but what is in? Let us discover together. Let us create new reasons and ways of celebrating. Because a few things are certain; Life is TOO SHORT to delay celebration and there will always be a REASON to celebrate.

Let’s seize the day and celebrate oddball birthdays, let’s host #JustBecause parties, Living Room soirees, and Dining Table Galas. Movie Nights deserve a facelift – let’s do them together! Let’s freshen up garden and pool parties. Let’s DIY, let’s learn to bake and host (all while observing the necessary protocols).  Let’s discover new ways to share gifts and make memories! Let’s celebrate wins and even the losses because they are not losses they are redirections!

Let’s have FUN regardless of what the world throws at us, let’s never stop celebrating!


Feyi x