5 Unique Wedding Shower Themes

Kunbi O / Thursday November 19, 2015

Wedding showers, the party before one of the biggest parties of your life. This celebration should be light-hearted, exciting, fun… and most importantly: stress free! Weddings inevitably come with a package of anxiety, but the wedding shower should be all about celebration. This should be the day you get to shout to the hills, “I’m getting married!”

Now we’ve rounded up some unexpected but unique themes for this single-no-more  extravaganza! Here are the five unique wedding shower themes we have for you.

  1. Glamour, luxury, Tiffany and Co.


Credits: Blue Suitcases via The White Pepper | Dazzling Blue Chair Garland via Oh Happy Day | Manolo Blahnik via It’s a Bride’s Life | Wedding Cake captured by Art by Kriea | Backless Bow Bridesmaid by Blue Rose Photography via Wed Society | Gold Calligraphy by Betsy Dunlap Calligraphy via Burnetts Boards | Tiffany Blue Macaroons via Of Dots and Things | Groom with bouquet via 100 Layer Cake | Bridesmaid holding champagne glass by Diana Elizabeth via MyTrueBlu | Diamond Stones via Bride Bop

Tiffany and Co. is the perfect theme for the bride who is the epitome of fabulous. This is for the bride who’s favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the bride who would agree that diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.

To tackle this theme think Tiffany blue everything. The color scheme can be the iconic turquoise blue, white, and black. To tie in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, have your girlfriends arrive to the wedding shower in little black dresses in honor of the LBD OG herself, Audrey Hepburn. In regards to the food and drinks for the shower, everything should be related to the jewelry company. Have fun by serving fruit punch/champagne/cocktails that’s either dyed turquoise blue, or have a turquoise blue embellishment such as a ribbon tied around the glass. For desserts, also have fun with this! Have cookies/brownies/macaroons in the shape of jewelry boxes made to resemble a real life Tiffany and Co. box. With a shower this glamorous, your party will be the talk of the town!

  1. Namas-yay we’re getting married!


Photo: Westin Puerto Vallarta

This is for the bride who lives and breathes yoga. This woman is as flexible as a rubber band, and her positive, upbeat energy attracts everyone around her. The attire for the party should be activewear! For the drinks, green tea and juices should be served. For food, think healthy snacks, wraps and leafy greens. You could even hire a yoga instructor to teach a mini class! Then for giveaways for your shower, think anything yoga and zen related. There’s a ton of yoga themed merchandise out there, such as personalized water bottles and maps.  The trick of succeeding with this theme is to make your shower guests not only feel at home but feel at ease the same way yoga does.

  1. The Fiercest Feyonce Of All

Feyoncé 2



Credits: APBride Phyllis | Creative Purposes by C.Fultz (Cheylaina Fultz & Arielle White)

I mean, Beyoncé is the queen of music for a reason. She epitomizes a strong-willed, hardworking woman and her music is forever catchy. The theme behind this shower has so many possibilities. You can play around with song references like referencing “Single Ladies” with quotes, merchandise, napkins that say, “He liked it so he put a ring on it!”

Party favors for your guests can include t-shirts that say “I’m with the Feyonce”, which is the cutest pun on the bride being a fiancé. For the color scheme, we’re thinking black and hot pink like her latest album. This can also be applied to the food and drinks. Have snacks shaped like a wedding ring for “putting a ring on it” and pink cocktails! A perfect example of this theme is this fabulous Beyonce themed shower we featured earlier this year.

  1. A sweet as honey shower


Photos: Amy Anaiz Photography

We love this idea because it’s so sweet and the pun possibilities are endless! Implement puns on decorations and party favors centered around being “meant to bee” or the bride can have signs/t-shirts/merchandise/decorations that say, “I’m the queen bee.” What’s fun about this is it’s an unexpected yet completely adorable theme! Also who doesn’t like honey?

This is where the food and drinks come in, and yes. We’re saying the catering should be all honey everything. In fact, you might as well go all out with it! Even the food can be shaped like beehives and bees. The color theme for this can be honey yellow hues, gold, beige and black. The attire for this theme can be vintage/1950’s-esque dresses.Something about this theme reminds us of the a-line skirts of the 50s, plus there’s the signature classic single, “Honey To The Bee.” So really, as spontaneous as this theme seems, there are so many different directions to go with this!

  1. The Boho Princess Is Saying, “I do!”


Photos: Garden Wedding by Mindy Weiss

The bohemian wedding is so popular because boho is the epitome of effortless and stunning. The style is so romantic, therefore how could it not be fitting for the wedding shower? The attire for the guests will be sundresses and anything that screams boho. Have flower crowns for the wedding shower guests, and flowers cascading all over the room. The color scheme can be jade colors like plum purple, muted magenta, and tangerine orange. For decorations, also implement items that would give a woodland vibe to the scenery of the shower.

For food, think more out of the box pieces! Besides the typical mini sandwiches, you could serve unexpected desserts like black tea flavored cookies (yes, this is a thing and we promise they’re to die for). For drinks, having unique and unexpected cocktails like hot hard apple cider… the types of drinks you’d want to cozy up by the fire with.

We hope you like these ideas as much as we enjoyed coming up with them! If you have any ideas you want to share with us, comment in the comment section below! We’d love to hear your input. Now go on and get hitched 🙂