Have The Bohemian Wedding Of Your Wildest Dreams

Kunbi O / Tuesday September 29, 2015
Bohemian wedding inspiration
Kristen Curette Photography (See full feature on Glamor and Grace)

Although summer wedding season has come and gone, we think that the fall season is still a beautiful setting for a bohemian style wedding. If anything, we’d say it’s even more fitting! The fall is a cozy time of year filled with spices and bold colors. The ambiance of the bohemian look evokes that same feeling with the bright colors of changing leaves and crisp, cool air. That said, it’s definitely not too late to have the bohemian wedding of your wildest dreams. Here’s a list of our top five favorite ways to achieve just that!

#1 –  Jewel Tone Color Palette

Bohemian-Wedding- Inspiration
Credits- Bride: Mr Haack via SMP |  Couple: Danielle Poff via Ruffled | Place Setting: Alexandra Wallace via Ruffled | Bouquet: Ruth Eileen via 100 Layer Cake | Lights: Brenner Liana via Hello May

Next to deciding whether or not you want a bohemian-themed wedding, you should make sure that the color palette for your big day reflects not only the dreamy, bohemian look but also coordinates with the season in which you’re tying the knot. For a fall boho wedding, we recommend spicy hot jewel tones. We’re talking about maroon, ruby, plum, dark magenta, tangerine, tangy orange red and navy blue.

Implement these colors throughout the bouquet, the flowers in your hair, the centerpieces… especially in the details of your wedding. Since these colors are so bold and bright, you don’t want them to overpower and distract from your big day. So use them lightly 🙂

#2 – Fall in love in the woods + light it up creatively

Bohemian wedding inspiration
Garden Wedding by Mindy Weiss

For the ultimate fall bohemian wedding of your wildest dreams… what better way than to host it in the woods? The aromas already scream fall and that rustic look of the woodlands will give your big day such an enchanting setting, it will feel as if you were reenacting modern day fairytale.

We recommend a late afternoon ceremony for your woodland wedding. Something about the sun setting in this scene seems so breathtaking. With this, you’ll need some lighting! The lighting should be quaint. Nothing too flashy. We love the idea of using lanterns and creative ways to hold candles like in fruits or jars. You want the lighting dim enough to be romantic, but still bright enough to create that warm ambiance. We think lanterns and candles would be the perfect solution!

#3 – Get quirky and use eclectic scenery.

Bohemian wedding inspiration
Yvonne Goll Photography

The accessories of your wedding should be fun and lively, with a touch of the unexpected. We’re talking roses and lilies in wine bottles, tables with personality, and a beautifully breathtaking arch – maybe even implement a dream catcher as part of your decorations for that unexpected twist!

The trick here is not to worry so much about what matches, but what coordinates.  Too matchy-matchy means predictable. But coordinating, that’s different. For instance, you can make black and brown work together despite what the old fashioned rulebook says. It’s just how you make black and brown work. You don’t want your decorations to look overly- calculated, but rather feel as relaxed and natural as your setting.

#4 –  Put on a quarter/long lace sleeve deep-v back wedding gown

Bohemian wedding inspiration
Julie Vino Wedding Dresses

For the gown, a low back, quarter/long-sleeve lace gown is like bread to your sandwich. Without it, you just have condiments. Without a gown that screams boho, you just have a regular wedding. What we love about this particular style of dress is that is has a vintage, almost royal feel with the lace sleeves, but the low back gives it that modern feel with a unique twist. The unique twist is what makes boho so beautiful.

#5 –  Last but not least, flower power, baby.

Bohemian wedding inspiration- image by arina b
Arina B Photography via Aisle Perfect

The flower crown is like the cherry on the sundae to a boho wedding. But if you feel as if the flower crown is a bit overdone, you can scale back on volume and focus on what flowers add to your hairstyle. The trick to achieving this look tastefully (versus looking like you’ve stepped right out of Woodstock) is to add the flowers delicately, maybe pairing them with baby’s breath.

Also the bouquet! Have a blast and be untraditional with it. If anything, use the flower bouquet as a statement piece. Make it stand out, while still coordinating with the flowers in your hair.

In conclusion, the trick to pulling off the ultimate bohemian wedding is to make sure it caters to who you are as a person and being true to yourself. Although that may sound cheesy, the only times bohemian doesn’t work is when it is over-analyzed. The reason why people gravitate toward the bohemian look, and why it’s so popular, is because it’s so warm and effortless. It makes you feel at home and at peace, and what more could you possibly want to feel on your wedding day besides head-over-heels in love?